Dudhawa Reservoir

Dudhawa Reservoir

Dudhawa Reservoir is located in the district of Dhamtari of Chhattisgarh state which is in India. The construction of the reservoir began in 1954 and completed in 1964. This reservoir is built across the river Mahanadi which is in Dudhawa village.  Furthermore dam is located 21 km west of  Sihawa and 29 km east of kanker at 81ᵒ45’21”E longitude and 20ᵒ1’81”N latitude. As a result this reservoir provides better water management and control over the water of  Mahanadi in the monsoon season.

Dudhawa Reservoir became the savior of the people residing there

This reservoir has a catchment area of about 625.27 sq km and gross command area is 566.80 sq km. The height of the dam is 24.53 m and length is 2,906.43 m. A great place to visit and go on a picnic with family and friends. Although, this reservoir helped the region from shortage of food grains. It provides irrigation facility to farmers residing near the reservoir. Its stabilized irrigation through the canal system . In fact created many opportunities of employment. The total catchment area of the reservoir is about 625.27 sq. Km. and gross command area is 566.80 sq. Km. The full reservoir level and maximum supply level of the reservoir are 425.10 m and 427.54 m, respectively.

After all the water spread area at full reservoir level is 4487 Ha. And the maximum water level is 5663 Ha .The water from this reservoir works to improve fertility of the soil. However in all these years it has increased the green belt development in this area. It gave opportunities for cattle rearing in this area. Similarly it gave many access to improve facilities and helped to improve infrastructure.

This Reservoir saved 66 villages around

There are 66 villages around this reservoir who directly or indirectly depend on this reservoir for water sources. People are using this water in domestic purpose, industrial purpose and irrigation. Out of the total Geographical area of Dudhawa catchment which is 704.24 Km2 , agriculture occupies about 43.61% of total area. 1.5% by built up area, 0.02% by waste land, 49.58% by forest area and 0.027% by tree-clad, 5.27% area occupied by water bodies.

It is observed that the soil erosion for Dudhawa catchment is very less. In this catchment the erosion class is slight about 90%area. As a result it has increased the development of a good habitat for avi-fauna. It has recharged the groundwater label to a greater extent. With the increase in fertility of soil it has increased in cropping intensity which results in higher yields.

Tourist Spot

Now Dudhawa reservoir has become a tourist spot because of the beauty of nature it holds. It is helping farmers of the village to improve their living standard. Also it opened new opportunities of employment under fisheries. The quantitative and qualitative fungal composition of dams was surveyed for months. It found out that a variety of fungal composition was identified from water of the dam. In this the maximum contribution was for Aspergillus fumigatus.

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