10 poorest state of America that motivates us

10 Poorest state of America that motivates us

America is 6th wealthier nation of the world . Still we may find some poorest state with poor condition. Here is 10 poorest state of America that motivates us and the whole world.

History of America

The history of America does not exist before  27,000 years.  because at that time there was no existence of America as all the  American land was just barren land with some animals and birds living in it. There were no human beings on this land . The mega continent Pangaea consists of a limited number of villages. Actually the population in the whole world was very low and that too belonged to a tribal family .

Tribal invasion to America

The first tribal invasion’s to America was in Alaska which were known as  Mongolians . There was a little gap between America and Russia so people could easily invade America through the strong ice sheet on sea. Later on when mega continent Pangaea broke into smaller continents. Then America and Russia was divided and separated. 

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Who discovered America ?

In 1492 Cristopher Columbus discovered America . In fact the tribal people of America were very simple. As a result Cristopher named them Red Indians . Then there was a huge invasion of European  in American. We can  call them Euro-American. In addition the Europeans made slaves to tribal Americans. On the other hand there was a huge history of wars between Mongols and Europeans.

Then British invasion to America which colonized the Mongolians. These euro American led the first war with British army . American won the war. Later Jorge Washington became the first president of America . At that time America was going through heavy poverty. Meanwhile America rose to power after the first world war. After world war-1 America started giving employment to the intelligent person from all over the world and became a superpower.

The real Americans

Ultimately the original invaded tribes from Russia who are the original Americans called as red Indians. And their population is very less , which is around  0.05 %. In conclusion the majority of the present population of America belongs to the foreign country . 

The United states of America is a united nation with 50 states. America even if 6 wealthier nation in the world also have some poorest state . Out of that we are going to see 10 poorest state of America that motivates us

1. Mississippi

Mississippi is known as the gulf coast region because it is bordered by the gulf of Mexico. It is also famous  as Magnolia state as this region is full of Magnolia trees. The people of this region are very friendly and kind to the visiting tourists, also known as the  Hospitality state. The poorest state in America . The poverty percentage is 22% . The annual income is about 42,000 dollar. Here the education is very poor and limited job  opportunities.

2. New Mexico

The New Mexico is in the south of the USA. Also New Mexico is the land of enchantment . This land is very hot  and cactus is available here. The poverty rate is 20% .The annual income is 46,000 dollar .

3. Alabama

Alabama is the heart of Dixie and cotton is available here. The poverty rate is 19.7 %. The annual income of the family is 46,000 dollar. 

4. Louisiana 

Louisiana is in the gulf coast bordering the gulf of Mexico. It is the pelican state as lots of pelican birds are available. It is also the Bayou State because of the swampy wetlands near the coast. The poverty rate is 19%. The yearly family is 46,000 dollar . The lowest rate of education and lowest rate of security. 

5. West Virginia

The poverty rate is 18 %. The family earns about 44,000 dollar in a year. The unemployment rate is very bad here. The cost of living is also very low. Here the death rate exceeds the birth rate . 

6. Kentucky

The poverty rate is 19 % . The family earns about 46,000 dollar in a year.

7. South Carolina

Poverty rate is 17%. The family earns about 49,000 dollar in a year. The majority of people rely on agriculture.

 8. Arkansas

The poverty rate is 18%. The family earns about 43, 000 dollar in a year. 

9. Georgia

Here the poverty rate is 17%. The family earns about 52,000 dollar in a year combining husband and wife income. Here many people are without jobs. 

10. North Carolina

Here the poverty rate is 16% , we can say 50,000 dollar annual income. 

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