My unique selling point

My unique selling point

Unique selling point or unique selling proposition is the essence to compete with your competitions. to become successful you should able to convince people with your talent. Talent varies according to people and environment that they learned. Every person in this world is born with talent but everyone is not aware of it . While receiving education some  people find out seeing successful person of that particular field. To keep going our talent we need USB to keep yourself motivating. The strategy keeps changing as the world keeps changing. So we have to choose our unique selling point wisely. We have to understand the survivals rules of this world.

How to choose my unique selling point ?

Here is some unique selling point examples with explanation. There are more which you need to find from your life experiences and interest.


Perseverance is the quality of those who continue to do or try to achieve something despite of difficulty or discouragement. If you have perseverance then only you can achieve your goals in life. It is a positive word for your resume building. If I have perseverance then it will be my unique selling point.

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If you have the ability to stick with something then only you can be persistence. It can be both negative and positive word depends on the situations. In your life if you are persistent to achieve your dreams and goals then surely you can which is a motivational factor. If your are persistent to take revenge then its just opposite as negativity . If I am persistence in my life then it is my unique selling point

 Hard work 

Hard work is when you are working consistently day after day without giving up to achieve what you want in your life. Then it’s your hard work. Hard Work is positive inspirational word which motivates everyone. If I am working hard enough to achieve my goals then it is my unique selling point.

Positive thinking

Positive thinking is an attitude which makes to focus on the good in any given situation. It have a big impact on mental and physical health both. If you achieve just one step and happy with your little things. Having a good time even when you are losing something in your life and even when someone else success  always having a positive future vision despite how bad the situation is. If I am a positive thinker then it shows my unique selling point.


Its desire or willingness to do something. If that willingness is not there means your demotivated. The spark of motivation should be continued whole life without loosing it or giving away. Motivation activates behavior which involves biological, emotional, social, and cognitive forces. If I am motivating others for a team work then it is my unique selling point.

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The ability to adjust to new conditions is adaptable. a person who goes with the flow can  satisfy the people surrounding around him. People should be able to change in order to fit on work better in situation. The conditions can be different because as time changes so the conditions changes. If you are adaptable then only you can adjust. If I am adapting according to the situation then it is my unique selling point.

What I learned from this ?

Everybody in this world is born with some unique talent we just need to find it and work on it. Most of the people get affected with other peoples success and tries to pick the same to get success even if you don’t have the talent that’s what leading to failure and depression and even losing faith. We should take inspiration from others to follow what we want what we like in our life.

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