Everything is fair in love war and business

Everything is fair in love war and business

Is everything is fair in love war and business ? If your love is one side and you go around doing crimes to get your love it’s not fair . In war if you support the wrong people then it’s not fair because the people who are supporting the wrong people is also wrong. In war of Mahabharata we have clearly seen the result , what happened to evil minded person who disrespects a women , disrespect elders, dishonest , cruel.

Evil cannot win with truth .Even business should be fair and transparent . There is no place for corruption and it is also crime .The person who follow such evil proverb is having an evil mindset and his true identity can be known by it .

Who used the proverb for the first time

For the first time famous writer John lily of London used this proverb that everything is fair in love and war.
He used it in his novel. In his novel he said that the winner of the war wins not because of fair game but because of technology used in the war. He mentioned that if two person are in immense love and their family is against them then it will be fair to get married and remain in love.

Love also has some limits then only it will be fair . Getting married to your loved ones is ok but killing someone is not ok. Nobody should cross the limit.

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Is it fair to go on a war for your love

If you say you are in love with someone and somebody is ready to war with you and wants to take away you loved ones , then it is fair to be in war to save your loved ones . Soldiers are the perfect examples for this . They are always at war on boundary to protect from enemies and it is fair.

If you say everything is fair in love and don’t marry that boy he his not good for you and stay away from those mischief boys because parents love their children and wants their baby to be safe then the love is fair absolutely fair .

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Is it fair to pour acid in love

Someone pour acid on a beautiful face of a girl because she denied his proposal then it wont be fair. The boy is have attraction towards the girl not love. Love is great not lust.

But in this whole world nobody gave you the right to destroy someone’s face make their life hell without been involving in any kind of crime. In return the person who is committing the crime in name of love walks out free from jail after couple of years and enjoys his life with wife and children. Then it’s not fair.

Is it fair to kill people in war just to make profit

If you are into war just to profit your ammunition factory and doing some sort of business by killing thousands and millions of people then it’s not fair for war and business. A corrupt people will not bring peace and harmony because that person is selfish thinking about his own luxurious life on grave of many people . Then it’s not fair .
Not fair at all .

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