This page describe About Us. More life changer is a place where you can explore many things like get motivated with motivational quotes and inspiring motivational stories. We help people to remove depression y making them explore the worlds with many beautiful places.

My team

Renuka Kundu

Renuka  is the founder and Chief Editor  and Graphics Designer of More Life Changer. She has done Engineering in Computer Science . Her passion for work motivates her to do new things . She tries to introduce new ways of learning so that everybody can learn something from the ocean of knowledge. 

Alone you can stay, but together we can talk. And Alone you can enjoy, but together we can celebrate. Alone you can smile, but together we can laugh. That’s the beauty of human to human relationship. We are nothing without each other.

Pranav Das

Pranav has been interested in travelling and exploring ever since he was in school. He has travelled across the country and some parts of the world over the years. Though the journey never seems to end, his  thirst to explore grows every day. He loves to explore new places, meet new people and learn about their cultures. Also he encourages other to travel and explore the outside world and the inside peace in yourself. He always  believes that  there is never a limit to learning and the best way to learn is through travelling.

Adriti Agrawal

Adriti is a content editor of More Life Changer  who is best in writing a  motivational story that motivates others and brings positive change in them. She struggled a lot in her life but she never stop motivating others. Her determination for writing is unstoppable. She has written many inspiring stories for magazines and newspapers.  

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