Solar festival Sangken

Solar festival Sangken

This is an amazing Solar festival Sangken . This festival is also famous as Water festival of Arunachal Pradesh. Or we can say Arunachali new year

Meaning of Sangken

The Sangken festival is festival of Khamti people. As they are one of the oldest tribes of Lohit District of Arunachal Pradesh. Moreover Sangken is a traditional new year festival. This festival is famous in Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh , and some parts of Assam.

In addition it is also know as Dai new year. Dai people of India , China, Burma and Nepal celebrate this festival as solar new year. This festival is three days festival celebrations . On the first day of celebration Lord Gautam Buddha is moved from its original place where they offer prayers and offerings . While moving out devotees beat drums, play cymbals and also dance to the tune .

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Lord buddha is placed on colorful papers for next three days. Also all the devotees can give bath to Buddha with clean water. This bath is termed as the holy bath and they design a special fountain to sprinkle clean water . Further more wood is used to make this fountain. More amazing is its in the shape of mini boat. People collect the draining water from Lord Buddha in small pots placed near to the idols. People used this holy water to cure aliments like headache.

Water festival Sangken

Then they splash water on the monks to invoke their blessings for good luck, good health, peace and harmony throughout the year. They also spray water over all the holy objects. This includes the Bodhi tree (the tree under which the Buddha attained enlightenment), sal tree (the tree under which the Buddha was born and died), and the holy books.

However, they do not pour water directly on the holy books. They attach a long rope with the books and keep the other end to the reach of the devotees. Then they can splash water on it. It is thus a merit-making occasion.

Praying to Lord Buddha

Devotees earn merit through lighting candles and burning joss sticks before the shrine. Also offering alms to the monastics, the poor, and the diseased. Again, this festival brings in light the artistry and creativity of this tradition that the devotees display in their decoration of the monasteries and houses.

On the third or the final day of the Sangken festival, the devotees (upasak and upasika) take pancha sheel or ashta sheel as per their age and vows. After receiving sheel, they wash hands and feet of the abbot and other monks and offer flowers and gifts to them.

Therefore this Solar festival Sangken is not only new year but a way to treat diseases. Wash out sins if they have any. Tine to take blessings.

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