World first love story of Shiv and Parvati

World first Love story of Shiv and Parvati

This is a world first Love story of Shiv and Parvati. The marriages perform in hindu tradition follows all the rituals same as shiva and parvati did during their marriage ceremony.

Incarnation of Shakti as Sati

Sati was Lord Shiva’s first love but sati’s father was against their love as he doesn’t like Shiva and the way he lives his life living in Himalaya with no palace and no jewelry and no fashionable clothes as he wears the skin of a dead leopard. He always disrespect Shiva in front of sati. His father arranged her marriage and called all suitable princes for her. But sati is in deep love with Shiva so she decides to marry lord Shiva only.

His father said he did not even came to ask her hand for marriage but she said everything she sees around her is lord Shiva so she sees a statue resemblances to lord Shiva standing at the door welcoming guest , so she went there and put the garland in his neck as a rule she was married to lord Shiva . But his father became furious and abandoned his daughter and son in law. He arranged a yang and did not invite sati and lord Shiva in it .

Sati leaves her body

Sati became angry and went to ask his father why he did not invite her husband. He ignored sati and started the yag. Sati saw he did not arrange a seat for her husband. She became sad she could not bear the insult anymore so she decided to leave this evil world and left her body burning with self energy like fire and burned her body .

Sati was the incarnation of Shakti which is his other half and without her all these years he suffered so much pain and loneliness . But when sati left the world Shiva again had to go through these pains and got lost . He forgot all his responsibility , left his adobe and went for meditation in memory of Sati whom he loved so much.

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Shiva is without his soul mate again

He got his soul mate after millions of years and all these years he was a person without a soul. Reaching again on this stage he could not bear anymore so he too left his tridev identity and responsibility as destroyer of evils. As a result evils rose up and everybody was in terror. Even the heavens started shaking. The place where Shiva was meditating, the place was near the state name Himvan and his king was Himawat . He married apsara (female angel) from heaven . Shakti is like the energy of lord Shiva so she also can stay away from lord Shiva so she reincarnates again as daughter of Himawat . They named her Parvati. Now the prophecy of world first Love story of Shiv and Parvati can e true.

Incarnation of Shakti as Parvati

From childhood Parvati was very beautiful. She made Shivling (Shape of Shiva representing the universe) with mud and she used to play as a toy with them. Parvati remembered her past life and the mistakes she made . But in this life she was full of love , goodness , beauty, maturity , loyalty , smartness , and of course love for Shiva was endless. She is perfect in all the things . Parvati a good cook, good speaker, good listener ,good mannered. Also she always respected elders and never hurt any harmless person.

When she grew up as a beautiful woman Menka and Himawat started to search for a good partner for Parvati . Then one day Narada came to his palace . Himawat said to him Ii am looking for a suitable groom for my daughter . Narada after seeking her kundli said she is destined to marry Lord Shiva . You should ask lord Shiva to marry Parvati . Himawat became so happy because he worshiped all his life to lord Shiva. After knowing Parvati’s destiny, Himawat was pleased. They decided to send Parvati to the cave where Shiva was meditating so that Parvati could take care of him.

Parvati begins her education

When Shiva’s meditation was broken by Kamdev he was turned to death by his third eye. On seeing Parvati Shiva recognised her but she was not ready to become Shiva’s wife. Shiva remembering his past with sati did not accept the marriage proposal. Parvati became sad. She said if she will marry anyone then that person will be Shiva or else she won’t marry anyone. Listening to this nandi adviced Shiva to educate her and make her a perfect person for Lord Shiva.

Parvati to go on fast for Shiva

Parvati in order to get Shiva went on fast for many days without eating anything. At last she attended immorality and Shiva accepted her as a wife. Then Parvati said I did so much of hard work to get your love then you have to also do something for me. Siva was in immense love with Parvati; he said he would do anything she asked for. Parvati requested him to marry her as per Hindu tradition then only she can leave her parents home and can live with Shiva in his adobe Himalayas.

Shiva marries his soul mate Parvati

Shiva agreed to it and called all the dev , rishi , kings , and Asur to his wedding ceremony. He married his soul mate whom he loved so much who is his other half and brought her to Himalayas . They together had three children who also served the world. This is world first Love story of Shiv and Parvati where two soul mate become one and spread love all over the world.


Mahashivratri is a festival celebrated in memory of unification of Shiva and Shakti . Wishing quotes for Mahashivratri .

Shiv hi Shakti , Shiv hi bhakti

Shiv hi shakti . Shiv hi bhakti .

happy maha shivratri

Happy Mahashivratri

Happy Mahashivratri

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