Finding true life partner is now business

Finding true life partner is now a business

There is continuous decrease in Female birth rate as compared to male . From a decade women are treated for not as a life partner but as a person who can work and cook food for family. Also divorce case is increasing on alarming rate and finding true life partner is now a business.

Marriage is an important social institution. Moreover it of great importance not only in our country but also in other countries and cultures. But our society is male dominated. Therefore, there is an attempt to tweak the changes coming in the twenty-first century to conform to that manliest thinking.

Things like industrial revolution, expansion of information, facility of education and availability of technology have made women aware and empowered. Likewise the deception towards female is increasing . Also finding true life partner is now a business trend just to collect dowry from bride’s parents.

Dating is a business

Most of today’s dating apps are for fun seekers who are based on appearance and place. In addition estimation of Indian business of online matrimony has tripled in the next three years to about 1,500 crore. Nevertheless, websites available for single people are becoming their own special place. As these sites are giving a unique and interesting option to choose a life partner and there is no imposition of any traditional method. In fact this is a method to capitalize online search to find a partner of 20 and above 30 singles .

These people are getting attraction from new methods of scheme going on . There is pressure on matrimonial websites to ensure a conversation. As a result of giving more preference, there is no destination for the relationships that grow through them. Such services have difficulties with fake profiles, countless invites, calls or messages made for pastime, often hurting the dignity of users.

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Trend of online dating

The trend of dating is still in the early stages and women want complete information about someone before spending time with them. Gated singles group in which the correct and complete information of every member is recorded before admission, is becoming a new way of connecting relations in today’s Indian environment. The organizers appear in the role that was once guardians. They initiate the first step of the relationship according to the wishes of the members, including a cursory examination of their background and creating an environment in which the relationship can flourish.

A meeting is needed when after a few years of marriage or change of place,” friendship starts to fade “and you feel the need to meet new people. Most of the meetings are done through social sites through friends or family. Even if the search is not complete through them, you have no other solution.

Low Security on online dating

Security is a big concern for women in cities like Delhi. There are plenty of men on dating sites who are looking for girlfriends for the night and a certain There are girls by profession.

Demand is increasing day by day

Today, with the girl being educated and working, greed among her in-laws is increasing. Now, expectations have increased from his daughter-in-law. Now it is not only mandatory to be beautiful, efficient in domestic work. Also it is necessary to be well-educated and working.

Many girls are trapped

Many boys and their families do not have to hide their shortcomings, give false information about education and jobs and even lie. Not only this the talented girl wants to step down she should justify her partner and in-laws about the wrong thing. If not quietly accept and keep the salary in in-laws hand every month. Do not protest at all. Foe a working and self sufficient girl it is like betrayal and goes into depression.

In some way, if a girl manages to raise her voice after being overbearing, then she has to fall prey to their oppression. Because even today our society believes that once married girl should somehow adjust. They should forget their dream and fallow the instruction blindly. These people are well aware that if somehow girl comes to know the truth after marriage she cant do anything. For this reason finding true life partner is now a business.

Save yourself from dating scams

Also beware of people who are clearly trying to extract as much of your personal information as possible, but don’t say anything specific about themselves . This could be a sign of a scammer. Experts strongly recommend that you hold your first meeting, not at home, but in a public place . If something goes wrong, you can always leave without losing your dignity.

What we learn from this

Meeting people and connecting with them is a challenge. The relationship between two people starts with this kind of mutual interaction. Many people are willing to meet their own community while taking care of the family. True love is selfless.

The one who truly loves his life-partner tries to keep his partner happier than himself. He does not do that when he wishes, only then express his love. He cares about his partner and realizes that his partner needs and loves him.

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