How to remove frustration

How to remove frustration and get motivated

If you are sad and disappointed then there  can be  only one reason that is frustration. Here I am going to tell you how to remove frustration and get motivated .Frustration  is like a  mistrust in you, a feeling of unfaithfulness, lack of trust .I know it is very difficult to  believe but  everyone can not  achieve everything as they like. When we are unable to fulfill our desires and when our desires remain unfulfilled, we get frustrated and negative thoughts come in us.

 My friend  Arvind used to be a promising student. But now he hates school the most and now he  is very weak in studies. At first he liked to participate in sports, but now he is  lifeless. His  parents and friends are unable to  understand what  happened to him. His parents are worried about it so much that they cannot help their child to come out of this situation. 

There is another situation with my neighbor Pooja when  she lost her smile somewhere. She just keeps crying every day for no reason. Pooja made herself disconnected from everyone so that no one can feel the pain she is going through . She is starving herself by not eating a single grain .She neither sleeps properly at night, nor is able to pay attention to anything. 

My friend and my neighbor both   are  suffering from frustration. In this blog I will explain to you how to remove frustration and get motivated. Motivational story , inspirational story and motivational quotes are also helpful in removing frustration.

Reason of frustration

Some people get  disappointed due to their weak financial condition which leads to frustration . There are many students who  get tense due to not getting good marks in the exam . Even though there are many youths preparing for their career, they get disappointment because they fail the entrance exam. If someone does not get their desired job, they may get disappointed with his family problems.

Most of the youth nowadays also fall into depression due to their love story being incomplete , one sided or heartbroken . There can be many reasons for being depressed .Sometimes these difficulties in life come together due to which people get so frustrated that they even think of committing suicide .

Problems due to frustration 

People who are suffering from frustration  do not trust anyone. Apart from this, there can also be  problems due to loss of appetite or overeating, suicidal thoughts or attempts to suicide , sleeplessness, disappointment,  excessive sleepiness, fatigue, irritability and indigestion .Many times due to these problems children take some wrong decisions and destroy their lives completely. They need a counselor who can give them the right direction.

What should you do if you are frustrated

Everyone gets frustrated with some particular situation or with some other person. The best way to avoid this is to keep yourself as busy as possible. You can inspire yourself by  reading the life story of any great soul. Even today, after losing also people can stand again after failure, just you have to say the  words like I am brave. Then you can see the result automatically. You will have a smile on your face and the desire to try again will also awake. Some tips on how to remove frustration and get motivated.

1. Yoga (meditation)

Whenever you are frustrated, then you should set a goal to overcome your frustration. Change the way you live life. Change the lifestyle , food habits , reading habits and do lots of yoga to remain cool and peace of mind.

2. Never think of a situation that has caused disappointment.

If you have chosen a wrong motive or goal then you will fail and then you will become a victim of disappointment. Therefore a person should choose his goal according to his mental ability and talent .Those who fail in life know their shortcomings and succeed the next time by adopting the right strategy. Many such examples are seen in history that many kings were victorious in other wars after losing some wars.

Failure is the greatest teacher to teach . This indicates that there was a shortcoming in your preparation and has chosen a wrong path . If you are in this type of situation then just ignore it and move on in your life . Staying in the condition of disappointment for a long time can make you frustrated. Never ever think about the situation that gives you tension and makes you frustrated then only you can remove frustration and get motivated

3. Think about good memories

Instead of thinking about things that give you tension, think about your good works, think of good memories, think of the moments spent with friends in college, moments with lovers, or good moments with family, or memorable moments spent on a tour or picnic. Look at the gifts given by friends and family, read your birthday wishes. These will lighten your mind and make you feel relaxed and overcome your frustration .

4. Do your favorite work and avoid loneliness  

Never let yourself be alone. Because of loneliness only  most of the negative thoughts start coming out. And never sit empty, because “empty mind” is like an evil. So keep yourself busy with some work. Work according to your interest, read good books, surf the net, or chat with friends, fight at home or office, and if nothing else, do household work, give water to plants , dancing, singing, painting, gardening etc  .

 Everyone wants a teacher in life to show you the right path, in the same way, a person who removes your frustration is also a teacher, that does not mean that one who teaches you at school but everyone who you consider to be your ideal.   

5. Be happy

To get out of frustration you should , listen to songs you like, watch movies you like, watch comedy movies, read jokes, talk to people you love to talk to, hang out with family or friends,  go to  a picnic or museum. Plan or do some funny activities. This may not seem important at times, but the reality is that your nature is your future. If you want to keep yourself away from frustration, then it is important that you should have hope, positive energy and inspiration. If it is not so, change your environment. Only an environment full of positive energy can make you smile and  you can be happy . 

6. Do not expect anyone to do anything for you.

The environment around any person also contributes to his personality and his behavior. If you are surrounded by people who always talk negativity, then gradually you will also start thinking the same way that people around you are talking. Then out of disappointment you will fail and lose everything in your life . It will become very difficult to succeed in your life In this situation, it is better to stay away from pessimistic friends.

Make friends who are full of hope and motivate you. keep yourself surrounded with people  who always talk positively. In that environment  you will be able to use your mental powers to the fullest and achieve your goal  in your life . It is often seen that unqualified or low-qualified individuals have very high ambitions in mind.

For example, if an average student dreams of succeeding in IS PCS (IAS, PCS) or any higher intellectual examination, then this objective is true but the person must also have mental ability to pass this exam and that will only come when you are among such people who also have the same dream . A person with so many dreams automatically motivates and inspires others without expecting anything from anybody. 

7. Leave your past behind and move ahead

Life is full of ups and downs  but we definitely know that after every night there will be a cheerful morning . In the past, if you have made any mistakes which have kept you disappointed till date, then you should be careful because this disappointment of the past will keep you disappointed in today and tomorrow also. people should need to live in today not in the past .

If you want to learn something from the past, then learn from your  mistakes and do not repeat it  again. It is not that late yet – a big reason for disappointment is the idea that, ” It is too late to do anything better in our life “.But change these thoughts at this moment because it is never late. if you want  to be successful, then correct your mistakes and move ahead in your life  to be happy. 

8. Playing with kids

Small kids are like big teachers even if they don’t have any qualifications . but these small kids sometimes teach us the bigger lesson in our life that we never imagined . So we should spend some time with young children then only we can know the secret of being happy without reason. Failure in any work is also similar to the injury that occurred in our childhood that used to make us cry a lot. The only difference is in age and encouraging words.

9. Appreciating yourself

You may not have such an atmosphere and there is no one  who appreciates you for every small achievement. In such a situation, appreciate yourself, pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself. Keep some medium with you that keeps you motivated and do not let you down. Appreciating yourself is also good method to remove frustration and get motivated

10. Be  confidence 

Confidence  is a quality that is very important . It takes courage  to do any work successfully. Talking about courage how our revolutionaries liberated our country from the clutches of the British and many sacrificed their life to give us this freedom. Every test in life is based on courage. A child studies with patience throughout the year and passes with high marks in success.

Courage is necessary to do any work as it is important to have confidence in yourself because there are many difficulties in life when people do not support you. In such a situation, if you do not support your own ideas and values, then you can fail. The person should have faith in himself, his thoughts and values , then only the people who does ot support you doesn’t matter anymore .Those who are full of confidence face the biggest trouble but in the end, they get victory.

What we learn from this 

Always be positive and think about your good. You should  keep  thinking positively and do not let negative thoughts come in. Think of the tasks that we have accomplished in spite of many obstacles on our path . I think that there is a breakthrough in everyone’s life that we can  overcome all problems. And there are some friends who always love us and stand with us in every situation.

There are also precious relationships that are our lifeline depends on .Difficulties sometimes arise in the life of every person and he also has to face disappointment. If we take out a glass of water from the sea then the water in the sea wont show any change and  its ok  and  if the water has been poured back into the sea ,then also  water in the sea  has not increased. 

This happens  because water in the sea is unlimited and a little change will not  affect the sea and the amount of water in it  .Prepare more thoroughly and do not repeat a mistake again and again. Make them aware of defeat, because they cannot  know the value of victory until they see defeat.

Therefore, whatever the reason for being disappointed, one should always keep positive thinking. Because of  positive thinking people come out of even the biggest problems like frustration. Please share with your friends if you want them to know how to remove frustration and get motivated.

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