How creativity is destroyed by deadline

How creativity is destroyed by deadline

Am I creative or just following the trend of racing and completing task . This is How creativity is destroyed by deadline and we are just behaving like dolls. Everybody is aware of the cruelty of deadlines set by the company. As a result it makes people lose their creativity in the race to complete the task. Naturally if the deadline is not set people will keep postponing the task and the task will never get completed.

 Here comes the problem where creativity should be on priority list and the task should be completed on time. With the continuous increase of information nowadays, knowledge is becoming so complex. Regardless no one really knows how to process it and make it useful. Even with such aids as computers and databases, people are tainted by all the new facts that bombard them. Even though become more confused that they can select which one they wish for.

 They wonder if they can retain control of their lives when a massive flood of information spreads their small boats into a whirlpool. Rapidly losing sight of their moral commitment, they now believe as seriously as knowledge exists so their creativity is fading away.

The problem of creativity lacking

The problem of lack creativity lacking has become so important these days that it is considered a “problem of the century”. Creativity is far from a new subject of research. The problem of  creativity lacking has a long and controversial history, and has generated much debate. Creativity has attracted the attention of thinkers of all eras of the development of world culture. Its study has a history of more than two thousand years. 

This is how creativity is destroyed by deadline and problem of creativity lacking starts from here.

What is Creativity ?

Creativity has always interested thinkers of all eras and has created a desire to create a “theory of creativity”. It  includes technical, economic , social , psychological and educational for creative process of mental, moral qualities, aesthetic feelings, intellectual abilities of an individual, acquisition of knowledge, which are signs of development.

However creativity dissolves difficulties and  provides practical solutions. All we need to do is adjust the way we think to adjust other’s thinking. Creativity is defined as human activity that creates new material . It also creates spiritual values that have novelty and social significance. As a result of creativity, something new is created that does not exist yet .

Search and investigate the need 

The first thing is to investigate the need for creativity and the type because we should be able to fulfill the needs of the customer so creativity should meet the requirement of the customer. We need to find the question to give an answer.
 A campaign is a good idea to find out the requirements of the customer. We should reflect on all the relevant pieces and avoid rational mind, giving the flow of thought to solve the question .Concentrate on finding relationships between things and we have to  ignore the lengths of differences. 

See others as much as our own as they are not foreign to us. We have to see people  as friends in a similar fashion that they can be exposing to strangers. We have to see unity everywhere, and then only the universe will react like us.

Build up your own creativity

 Intelligence performs an important function in building up creativity . A unique view of life that is eye-catching may not inspire everybody because if it does  you can gain  creativity by intelligence. Creativity is  just like life which comes with spreading awareness that can only be communicated by intelligence. Intelligence, though useful, is subordinate to intuition.

 This is why creative people, relying very little on intelligence, are often not adept at analyzing their work, or art in general. Professional critics, on the other hand, rely too much on intelligence, often not composing themselves. You have to do smart work with hard work for gaining creativity .


Brainstorming is meant to bring together a group of people who will rotate their ideas to solve a problem. To perform this process properly, you should allow everyone so that they can put different opinions in front of everybody. Each and every idea should get equal importance and we should never ever criticize anybody’s view because it may demotivate them and they may not put the best idea they were having . So good or bad everybody should get a chance to tell their opinions . 

Then the conclusion can make you give the solution to the problem. So the best way to have creativity  is to generate multiple ideas, discard impractical and inappropriate ideas and keep good ones. The problem is that there is no scientific formula for generating the number of new ideas. As a result you need to find a good one, or a guarantee that you can generate one, while many had generated.

Choosing the right idea for creativity

We should use the right brain or right hemisphere to get proper creativity .The right hemisphere of the brain participates in the most creative and innovative activities. The left side of the brain focuses more on logic and order.
There is evidence that doing physical activities that involve the anatomical regions of the brain can help you think differently. That way you may be able to think differently and uniquely. For the highest creativity, there should be a balance between intelligence and intuition . It maximizes our potential in every department of life. 

 We should be solution-oriented. Of course we can find a solution to every problem that is creativity . The objectively united view in nature is appropriate. There is a similar solution to every natural problem. At a certain point, if your direction is correct, you will feel the approval you seek. But if your direction is wrong, then suddenly you will know that it is wrong. In that case, try something else, until there is support. 

Decorate your creativity

When you find the right opinion you can decorate your ideas so that it can compromise with everybody’s thinking and match up their problems .Avoid thinking of common ways to solve a problem. Be aware of the inner voice of self-censorship which enhances the power of creativity . 

Keep on asking questions to yourself because  questions are a guide to follow a creative life and are most useful openings, as they allow a new response. You should  still remain in a better state of mind to deal with the situation, and try to avoid anxiety and confusion . 

Delivering your idea to your customer

The way we present our product to customers is most important because customers should be convinced that your creativity is fulfilling all the requirements .The peace of doing what is best gives better outcome otherwise may feel a bad situation. Events turn out to be so amazing that people later call them out as miraculous and yet it’s not really a question of miracles. 

A proper deadline can enhance your capability

 Meeting deadlines without creativity is a waste of time as people may not find it interesting or may not fulfill their needs. To win the race of competition we must   stay calm and not get angry, especially when there is a difficulty or you have to wait a long time  . 

Speedy delivery may face errors and mistakes which may sometimes won’t be easy to recover . Time or date of your deadline should match the time required to achieve your creative product. We should  finish all our work diligently. The labor involved in dealing with the mechanics of a creative task does not inspire you to relax your grip on exaggeration.

Take your work as responsibility

It is also important that trust is not an excuse for irresponsibility. We should be responsible towards our work. Co-operation energy should be there to maintain the faith in our team mates. As a result our team mates will take their work as responsible person. Which in turn will unite everyone to complete the work in time. 

Without looking at yourself as duty, we should take full care of what we are doing. Many highly creative people reach some height of creativity, then it seems impossible to move any further. Many of them actually start, at a certain point, to lose their creativity again. Imbalance in creativity is rendering to create an artistic one.

What we learn from this 

It is especially important that one’s faith is the motive force of willpower and energy. Energy produces magnetism, which attracts inspiration. Our work should be an inspiration for others . To solve the problems we need to be fully confident that solution really exist . Someone will try to discourage negative thinking and demotivating thoughts in you. Strong energy can attract inspiration, opportunity, solutions to any problems.

It seems that high energy is required to make a masterpiece. But this energy can increase the artist’s meaning of its importance. It cause brain disturbances which we should avoid to maintain the creativity living inside you. Bless the whole world with your love and creativity , even walking the streets of a city, secretly send divine love and blessings to everyone to pass. You may surprise to see how many strangers will treat you as a friend.

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