How to get motivated by Chinese culture

10 tips how to get motivated by Chinese culture ?

Today we will know 10 tips how to get motivated by Chinese culture ?The History and civilization of china is 5000 years old. The customs and traditions of China vary by geography and ethnicity as we can also see in India where the customs and traditions vary with different states  .China is very famous for its antiquity and creativity . Increase in the number of population was never a hindrance for China and it is making the world largest army. The population of China is more than 1 billion. The infrastructure of China is growing more and more and the luxurious life too .

Facts about China

 Zhang Heng who invented the world’s first seismograph from the Han Dynasty in (25 to 220). The largest group is the Han group  with about 900 million people. Any religion other than Buddhism is illegal in china.

Even though Chinese constitution states that people have right to freedom of religion. The Chinese language  has major 7 variations. Mandarin Chinese is the largest language that people speak in the world with 71.5% . Wu language which is 8.5% . Yue Language which is also known as Cantonese  by 5% . Xiang language with 4.8% . Min language which is 4.1% . Hakka language which is 3.7% and Gan language with 2.4%.

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China is world largest food producer

China is focusing on its food production which is making it the world largest producer of rice which is really cool. Majority of Chinese farmers depend on rice production. Chinese people consume more tofu as a source of protein . Tea was invented in China and it is the major exporter of tea in the world.

China’s Kung Fu came from India’s Kalaripayattu

Kung Fu  is an extended version of Kalaripayattu (Indian martial art which when came to china became Kung fu). China is very famous for its kung Fu training and martial art. The fighting technique is based on animal movements that came to China from India in the 1600s . Whether its men or women both learn the martial arts which is motivating factors showing equality in men and women.

Festivals in China

The largest festival which is celebrated in china is Spring festivals which mark the beginning of Lunar new year . In this festival featuring dancers dance like dragons .Many Chinese gods’ history looks similar to Indian gods like the monkey king similar to Lord Hanuman. And many more which shows that once the whole continent was connected through a major continent and the tradition is also very similar to Indian Vedic culture . That means all the people are connected with each other with some means or other. The difference is that with long history people tend to forget the connectivity that ever existed .

People should follow some rules while in China 

1. Do not lean on walls and stand up straight.

 2. Never sit with crossed legs 

3. Never do  fidgeting ( ) 

4. Never roll up the sleeves and never roll up the pants .

5.  Should not lie and try to be honest.

 6. Should not be loud in public places and speak softly .

7. Inform elders before leaving  and inform elders when you are back .

8. Invite elders before you eat and wait till they sit and start first.

9. Should not beat the bowls with utensils ,it represents beggars behavior and never ever place the chop sticks upside down in the bowl it  will honour the dead. 

10. Should not chew the food loudly and never suck the chopsticks.

 11. Should never cross the table for food .

This 10 tips how to get motivated by Chinese culture really motivates us in many ways . China is also a diverse country not by religion but by language .

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