Success depends on start

Success depends upon starts

Everyone in this world is not is not lucky so in order to get success one has to initiate the work. so its worth saying  Success depends upon starts.

 If the work starts with positive energy then the work continues with the same positive energy. And if there are no positive vibes then the work can’t go smoothly. Negative energy will always lead to failure instead of success . Positivity and the passion to complete work makes the person promise himself to initiate the work.

Interest to complete the work

If the person does not initiate the work and keeps on delaying the work thinking I will do it tomorrow or day after tomorrow or next day after tomorrow then the work will never get completed . A person will initiate the work if he has interest to do the work . In other words the interest will only come when he has some goals in life. A person without a goal is like a person without soul.

Mentally and physically strong

To start or initiate the work a person has to be mentally and physically strong. Then only he will be able to handle the difficulties coming in the path to complete the work. In every work we may have to face many hurdles before we complete the work. But we have to face the difficult situation boldly and should always be able to solve the problem and not to run away from it.

Faith in God is luck

To initiate any  work we would also need  blessings from God, parents and elders because it brings good luck and fortune. Just opposite to it if we hurt someone and don’t pay respect to the work or food we eat then it rings curse and misfortune. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction is rightly said. Because our good works and good deeds may give happiness to others , so in return we will also get happiness . But our evil works or bad deeds will give suffering to others and in return we may get the same suffering.

A person should be adaptable

Therefore a person can only take the initiative to start the work only if the person is adaptable . A person has to be adaptive in nature so that he can mingle with all the people living around him. Everything that happens in this world depends on yourself. When we start taking responsibility for our life then only we can see things around us will start changing.

Don’t give up

The most difficult part in life is to tackle the fear of not giving up to your expectations. As you can realize that results don’t matter much when you know you have worked hard and learnt many things in your life

We have to always try to push ourselves a step forward and never get tensed about the results. We should work hard only for ourselves, not to please others but that doesn’t mean to be selfish. Instead we can follow our dreams and get success and people will start following us and make it their dream.

Remain stress free

We have to keep ourselves free from stress to not bring any kind of negative energy. We should give more time on self improvement.  Keep yourself busy in doing all your hobbies, So that you don’t have time for stress. Sometimes overwork also gives us stress so we have to take proper rest.

What we learn from this

If a person gets whatever they want without putting any effort then the value of that material or person decreases. So no one will get anything in this world without paying or without sacrificing anything. A person with dedication and determination has to sacrifice all the luxury life to gain knowledge .

Likewise a person who wants to be successful should initiate the work not on the day after tomorrow, not on tomorrow, not today but he should start doing it now,  at this time . Leave all your negative energy behind and leave you dream. So  success depends upon starts.

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