Inspiring qualities of a motivator

Inspiring qualities of a motivator

The inspiring qualities of motivator that everyone needs who are living around. If  you are working for yourself then it would be selfishness , instead we need we think as a team and make the team winner.

What do you mean by team motivation ?

Motivation means to encourage all the members of the group so that good results can be achieved. Motivation is required in everybody’s life. An ill person needs medicine to recover likewise motivation is required to recover from depression. Depression leads to negative thinking, unwillingness, cruelty and dishonesty which is dangerous. so motivation is the light in the darkness.

Motivation leads to success

Motivation can lead a group towards success because under a leader who motivates other people feels loyalty towards them. If a leader motivates his team member then only the person can be honest and can lead the company to achieve their goal. It isn’t too hard to become one of those people who looks on the bright side of life. You should  choose between right and wrong path and the choice should be yours only not by influence.

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Students needs motivation

For a student who is studying and he fails, he needs motivation to work hard and study more. One who tries and tries again can only get success . If you want to achieve something you have to pay the price for it . Like students who want knowledge can’t have luxurious life  and one who wants luxurious life can’t have knowledge. In this the price is to work hard and study. Studies show that practices like meditation , yoga and spending quality with your friends and family also motivates you.

The qualities that a motivator should have 

Convincing skills

One should have the power to convince others then only your motivation can be successful otherwise they will listen from one ear and remove it from another ear or won’t listen only. 

Self Motivation

Self motivation is also important as we may not get a motivational person every time to motivate us. So we have to keep ourselves busy doing some sort of work because an idle brain attracts evil more which leads to harm to others or suicide.

Positive thinker

You should always  keep thinking in a positive way. We have to keep challenging negative thoughts to overcome from it and we have to keep looking deep inside to make positive changes. If you see negative thinkers around then just avoid them or don’t make any contact unless you are able to handle the situation.

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A story to motivate you

In a village there lived 2 brothers one was 7 year old and the other was 10 years old. They used to go to school daily passing through fields. There was a well near the fields . While returning from school both were feeling thirsty so they went near the well to fetch some water. Suddenly the older brother who was 10 years old fell into the water. the younger brother who was 7 years old was crying out there . His brother said to him see if you can get help unfortunately no one was there. So in order to save his elder brother he took the rope and threw it into the well .

The elder brother grabbed the rope tightly and the younger one started to pull it. He was so weak with bare strength . The only goal was now to save his brother and at last he was able to do it. When the villagers came they could not believe that a boy who is younger with less strength can save a boy who is elder to him . They thought both the brothers are lying. So they went to panchayat to enquire about it. Then the panchayat gave the reason why he was able to do that  and the reason was unbelievable. Panchayat said he was able to do it because there was no one to tell him that you can’t do it .

Moral – If you believe you can do it then it is true you can do it. And if you believe you can’t then you are right.

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