Malajkudum WaterFall

Malajkudum Waterfall

Malajkudum is a combination of two words one is Malaj which means “a valley of pit” and the second one is Kudum which means “a snake like fish”. Also Malajkudum Waterfall is situated towards the south direction about 15 kilometers away from Kanker district in state of Chhattisgarh in India.

Malajkudum is like the water cycle and the life cycle

Origin of this waterfall is from the mountain name Neele Gondi . It is also known as the origin of Dudhawa river. Dudhawa river flows here at the height of 10 kilometers and takes the form of three small waterfalls of 10 meters, 15 meters and 9 meters. The slope of this waterfall is like a ladder which beautifies the nature. The waves of this waterfall are very attractive and challenging. As a result of this waves it makes this spot a tourist place. This waterfall is a famous picnic spot where we can visit with family and friends.

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There are many natural waterfalls in the plateau region of Bastar which is very beautiful and unique. But roads are not very favorable and sometimes it becomes difficult to go there . This beautiful and natural beauty lost somewhere in the darkness of oblivion due to lack of proper publicity. One you go there you will fall in love with nature. The water from this waterfall helps the villagers of Malajkudum in agriculture and cultivation. This river then flows through the city of Kanker.

Connectivity of this waterfall

This waterfall has a direct connectivity to the main road from Kanker’s citadel. A steep staircase has been built on the mountain to go over the waterfall. The river which is flowing through the mountain rips into two parts and falls directly 60 feet below.

It is a fast flowing river with sparkling and greenery surrounding the hills. The melodious music of myriad streams falling in the waterfall gives immense peace to the mind. A beautiful swing is built on the river below the waterfall in which enthusiastic and courageous young men and women try to cross the swollen river by hanging in iron ropes. Here you can see a clear glimpse of the mixed culture of Chhattisgarh and Bastar which is the root of the people living there. People are very simple and humble who love nature so much and take care of them .

Thrilling journey towards Malajkudum Waterfall

The journey towards the waterfall becomes extremely thrilling due to the spiral shaped valley and dense forests. A breathtaking scenic landscape which will make you feel relaxed and free from worries.

This waterfall can be visited anytime in any season and can enjoy the breaking of waterfall into thousand shards of spray. The view of sunrise and sunset is best to memorize the beauty here. If we stand near a waterfall we may not be able to hear the noise coming from it but it is a source of life as a free gift. If a man is strong enough and a river has motive enough then they can channel their own way.

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