Basics tips to fulfill our dreams

20 Best tips to fulfill our dreams

We know about many success stories but to achieve this stage is also a great struggle . So we are going to see some best tips to fulfill our dreams. Everyone in tis world need some goals in order to live this life. Without goals people may not find the motivation in life.

Dreams are not what we see in sleep, dreams are what do not let us sleep. Our dreams are our life. Without a dream people may not survive because they won’t have any goal to achieve . People without goals are people without soul. Success introduces us to the world and failure introduces the world to us. Greatness is never in falling, but in getting up after falling down .From a distance, we see all the roads ahead are blocked because the path of success opens for us only when we get very close to it.

Well people may think only money can buy happiness and fulfill our dreams but money will never give you peace of mind that is also a dream . Because in today’s era achieving peace of mind is very difficult. Each one of us wants to achieve something , whether great or small at some point of time in our life . In fact it’s part of what made us as a part of culture   into who we are today.  We always want something better than what we are today so no wonder that we may get frustrated while trying to achieve great things. If we want, we can write our own destiny on the strength of our confidence and hard work, and if we do not know how to write our destiny, then circumstances will write our fate.   

What should we do then ?

Tips to achieve our goals
Tips to achieve our goals

We should be very careful about our work. We should be very friendly towards others because if you are in problem only a friend can help you . Running away from troubles is like inviting new troubles. Life has to face challenges and problems from time to time and this is the truth of life. A sailor never becomes proficient in a calm sea likewise without failure there is no success. You should  never compare yourself to anyone in life like the moon and sun cannot be compared to anyone because it shines on its own time.

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We are unique in our own world and there can’t be any carbon copy so to fulfill our dreams we have to work hard not others. When we are in death bed no one else can die for us so dreams are too like that no one can wish our dreams as we see it .

1. We need to specify our dreams to ensure that it’s measurable so that it can be tracked.
2. Keep a track on your dreams whether it is going in the right direction or not and dreams should be meaningful so that we can get motivated .
3. We should be very choosy about our dreams. That’s the reason we should pick dreams that are achievable. 
4. It should be relevant to our life and our talent that we possess because if we pick a wrong one that is not relevant to us it may become difficult to achieve it .
5. We must set a particular time so that we can achieve our dreams easily and our time can be useful.

6. We should set priorities that should be done first so that we should not miss the most important ones in doing the least important one .

7. Review our path in order to remind ourselves that why we are doing this and why they are so much important to us .

Plan strategy for dreams

We should keep writing about new thoughts that come in our mind .Sometimes it won’t be as useful as it should be .We should keep on practicing  our innovative ideas. Our brain is a lot more likely to create a habit out of something when you integrate it into our daily life . Set an alarm clock so that our brain can trigger the time to do the habit. Many people start out the new year with grand resolutions and plans but a few weeks later we lose the motivation to keep going or simply forget about the goals and dreams we want to achieve in our life.

1. We have to plan our day the night before

2. Start our day with our most important thing in our life .

3. We should block our high energy times for our goals .

4.  Make our willpower strong

5. Make list of qualities we admire in others

6. Things we want to learn more and gain experience.

7. Get specific to terms

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Hurdles of life  due to which we weren’t successful

Our environment plays an important role for our success in terms of achieving our goals . We should surround people with positive thoughts because one person with bad deeds can lead a whole team down which is a hurdle .Difficulties in life do not come to ruin us, but it helps us to get out our hidden strength and powers. Let the difficulties know that you are more difficult than that. 

1. Lack of clarity about the effective strategy to achieve them

2. Depression is a serious problem which works as a hurdle in achieving our dreams and fulfilling our goals. For a student whose goal is to get good grades or to qualify for an exam but if they fail to do so they may go to depression. There are many cases where people in pressure and depression give up their life .Life is very beautiful with pressure and depression.

3. Lack of commitment to doing whatever it takes to fulfill our dreams .

 4. Stress is also a hurdle which may arise due to overworking or overthinking , so the best way is to avoid stress.

5. Lack of confidence can fail us to identify  and overcome our self limiting benefits .

6. Believing in beliefs and fear .

7. Imaginary thoughts about the fantasy world .

Learn from your failure 

Keep your dreams alive If the spark of your dreams is extinguished then it means that you have committed suicide while living. If you can smile when you are completely broken then believe that no one in the world can ever hurt you . You cannot achieve success unless you have the courage to fail. There should be only one motto in life i.e. rise, wake, grow and don’t stop until the goal is achieved and fulfill our dreams.

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