Mesmerizing Rainbow Waterfall

Mesmerizing Rainbow Waterfall

Mesmerizing Rainbow Waterfall is situated in Meghalaya. We started trekking from the Double Decker root bridge up the hill which was very steep. After this strenuous trek we arrived at Rainbow falls where the Rainbow was visible when sunlight fell on it. The water was crystal clear which made people visit this mesmerizing place .

To view this fall, you have to do 3-4 hours of trekking. More than 3000 steps to climb down and then the forest trail will take you to the Waterfall Very beautiful waterfall and clean water. You can see Rainbow at multiple positions hence it is known as Rainbow Waterfall. It is worth visiting there though it requires some trekking effort to reach here. After reaching the Double-decker bridge, You need to trek 1hr more, then you will reach the Mesmerizing Rainbow Waterfall. The road is also adventurous.

Adventurous trekking

Till Double Decker root bridge it mostly trek down, from there we have to start the climbing and according to locals it’s around 7k steps from the parking, and 3.5 k steps from double decker root bridge which make it very tiring. Yes, it’s physically challenging but Rainbow falls is mesmerizing. You can take a dip near the falls. We were lucky to spot the rainbow too. On our way back from falls we decided to halt near Double Decker root bridge. Few home-stays are available. Much needed rest after 10k steps at a stretch. If you start early, you can do both up and down on the same day .

View of rainbow

Secluded deep within the forest, the falls got its name because one will see small rainbows near the waterfall due to sun rays. The waterfall drops down into the pool wearing the natural rainbow sashay with pride. The path to Rainbow Falls though defined is not cemented and is a mix of alternating ascents and descents One needs to wear comfortable shoes, and also carry enough snacks, water and medicine while trekking to Rainbow Falls. Guides are mandatory to this trek and are available at Tyrna village. Better to finish the trek before 5 PM as it becomes dark early in Meghalaya.


“Behold the enchanting spectacle, where colors cascade and dreams come true, as the rainbow dances down the waterfall.” – Unknown

“In the heart of nature’s masterpiece, the waterfall becomes a canvas for the rainbow to paint its vibrant hues.” – Unknown

“As the water plunges and tumbles, it carries with it the essence of the rainbow, infusing the air with magic and wonder.” – Unknown

“Witness the ethereal fusion of water and light, as the rainbow gracefully descends the cascading waterfall, creating a breathtaking spectacle.” – Unknown

“The waterfall becomes a portal to another realm, where the rainbow emerges and bestows its kaleidoscopic blessings upon all who behold it.” – Unknown

“In the embrace of the waterfall’s mist, the rainbow spreads its wings, casting a spell of awe and enchantment upon all who dare to look.” – Unknown

“The waterfall becomes a prism, breaking the sunlight into a symphony of colors, giving birth to a majestic rainbow that enchants the senses.” – Unknown

“As the water crashes and froths, the rainbow emerges like a celestial ribbon, wrapping the waterfall in its vibrant embrace.” – Unknown

“The union of water and light gives birth to a mesmerizing spectacle, where the waterfall becomes a stairway for the rainbow to descend from the heavens.” – Unknown

“A cascade of colors descends upon the waterfall, as the rainbow unfolds its vibrant palette, painting the world with joy and wonder.” – Unknown


“In the realm where dreams converge with nature’s wonders, the rainbow cascades down the waterfall, bringing harmony to the landscape and joy to the soul.” – Unknown

“As the water plunges over the rocks, it transforms into a mesmerizing rainbow, a testament to the beauty that emerges from the depths of nature’s embrace.” – Unknown

“The waterfall weaves a symphony of sound and movement, while the rainbow adds its brushstrokes of color, creating a masterpiece of nature’s collaboration.” – Unknown

“As the waterfall roars, the rainbow whispers secrets of hope and magic, reminding us that even in tumultuous times, beauty and light persist.” – Unknown

“The waterfall becomes a stage, and the rainbow its radiant performer, dancing in harmony with the rushing water, captivating all who bear witness.” – Unknown

“In the midst of the waterfall’s chaos, the rainbow emerges as a symbol of serenity, bridging the gap between earth and sky with its ethereal grace.” – Unknown

“The rainbow descends upon the waterfall like a celestial visitor, adorning the natural wonder with its vibrant presence, inviting us to marvel at the wonders of creation.” – Unknown

“As the waterfall plunges, it gifts us with a magical phenomenon—the rainbow—a gentle reminder that even in the face of adversity, beauty finds its way.” – Unknown

“The waterfall becomes a conduit for the rainbow’s energy, infusing the surroundings with a sense of awe and wonder, igniting the imagination and uplifting the spirit.” – Unknown

“In the union of water and light, the waterfall and rainbow unite to create a symphony of nature’s grace, inspiring us to seek beauty and harmony in our own lives.” – Unknown


“Beneath the waterfall’s majestic descent, the rainbow emerges as a testament to nature’s mastery of both water and light.” – Unknown

“As the water crashes and cascades, it carries the colors of the rainbow, painting the rocks and foliage with vibrant hues of magic and delight.” – Unknown

“The waterfall becomes a gateway to a realm where rainbows dwell, inviting us to step into a world of wonder and enchantment.” – Unknown

“Behold the synergy of water and sunlight, as the waterfall becomes a prism, unveiling the hidden beauty of the rainbow’s embrace.” – Unknown

“In the realm of the waterfall, the rainbow whispers secrets of joy, promising that after every tumultuous flow, there is serenity and grace.” – Unknown

“The waterfall’s plunge creates a symphony of sounds, while the rainbow’s arch adorns it with a tapestry of colors, captivating the senses.” – Unknown

“As the rainbow kisses the waterfall’s spray, it imparts a touch of magic, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.” – Unknown

“The waterfall’s energy and the rainbow’s radiance converge, reminding us of the infinite beauty that exists in the natural world.” – Unknown

“Like a celestial stairway, the rainbow descends the waterfall, inviting us to embark on a journey of wonder and discovery.” – Unknown

“In the dance between water and light, the waterfall and rainbow twirl in perfect harmony, creating a spectacle of awe and reverence.” – Unknown


“The waterfall unveils its secret companion, the rainbow, as they intertwine in a waltz of grace and color, mesmerizing all who witness their ethereal dance.” – Unknown

“When the waterfall and rainbow unite, they create a symphony of nature’s brilliance, enchanting the eyes and uplifting the spirit.” – Unknown

“The waterfall’s mighty roar harmonizes with the rainbow’s gentle hues, creating a serene melody that resonates deep within our souls.” – Unknown

“As the waterfall plunges into the depths, the rainbow ascends, connecting earth and sky, and reminding us of the unity that exists in nature’s grand design.” – Unknown

“The waterfall becomes a sanctuary of dreams, where the rainbow’s vibrant colors merge with the rushing waters, offering solace and inspiration to all who seek them.” – Unknown

“In the embrace of the waterfall’s mist, the rainbow emerges like a shimmering veil, casting its enchanting spell upon all who dare to wander near.” – Unknown

“The waterfall’s cascading beauty finds its perfect counterpart in the rainbow’s arching grace, creating a spectacle that stirs the heart and captivates the imagination.” – Unknown

“The waterfall’s tumultuous journey finds solace in the rainbow’s tranquil presence, reminding us that even in chaos, there is a touch of tranquility and harmony.” – Unknown

“Witness the union of nature’s finest spectacles, as the rainbow and waterfall converge, igniting a symphony of wonder and evoking a sense of awe in the beholder.” – Unknown

“In the realm where water meets light, the waterfall and rainbow entwine, painting a scene of breathtaking beauty that echoes the magic of the natural world.” – Unknown


“As the waterfall cascades, the rainbow adds its ethereal touch, transforming the scene into a masterpiece of nature’s collaboration.” – Unknown

“The waterfall’s descent is accompanied by the rainbow’s ascent, creating a harmonious dance that celebrates the wonders of earth and sky.” – Unknown

“In the realm of the waterfall, the rainbow takes flight, soaring through mist and sunlight, leaving trails of enchantment in its wake.” – Unknown

“The waterfall’s turbulent flow becomes a canvas for the rainbow’s gentle strokes, painting a picture of tranquility amidst the chaos.” – Unknown

“When the waterfall meets the rainbow, nature’s brilliance is unveiled, reminding us of the awe-inspiring beauty that surrounds us.” – Unknown

“The rainbow graces the waterfall’s embrace, infusing it with vibrant hues and casting a spell of wonder upon all who dare to admire.” – Unknown

“In the presence of the rainbow waterfall, time stands still, and the ordinary world becomes a portal to a realm of magic and dreams.” – Unknown

“As the waterfall’s waters plunge, they carry the rainbow’s essence, spreading joy and hope to all who witness their magnificent union.” – Unknown

“The waterfall and rainbow unite, creating a spectacle that is both majestic and serene, reminding us of nature’s capacity to amaze and inspire.” – Unknown

“In the symphony of water and light, the rainbow waterfall becomes a testament to the beauty that emerges when nature’s elements harmonize.” – Unknown

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