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Land of energy for Pakhanjore

Kherkatta Reservoir, also known as Pakhanjore Reservoir. It is an artificially man made lake which is located in Indian states , Chhattisgarh. This reservoir is Land of energy for Pakhanjore which is 12 km long. It started in 1958 and completed in 1964. Moreover it spreads over 1,300 acres of land. The estimate cost of this reservoir is 0.08 crores. Also it is build over the river Matholi.

This reservoir is build in hopes of benefiting the locals with better irrigation and cultivation systems. As we all know that water is our basic requirement and this reservoir is fulfilling all the needs of the people residing around the reservoir. In our daily life we use water for many purposes like growing plants, cleaning vehicles, drinking ,cleaning, bathing, fishing, washing clothes , agriculture and many more .

Some advantages of land of energy for Pakhanjore that plays an important role for the people residing here are .

Kherkatta Dam . Kapsi , Pakhanjore , Chhattisgarh.

Control flood water

The floods in the rivers are destructive for the life and property of the people. The dam and reservoirs are useful effectively for flood control, by regulating the dam’s downstream river water flow. Design, construction and operation of this reservoir is as per the specific plan for flood routing through the basin, without harming the life and property of the people. This reservoir is an efficient system for storing excessive water due to rain. This prevents excess water. It was constructed strongly or else it would be broken with the use of cheap materials. In addition this reservoir prevents flood.

Local water supply

Kherkatta reservoir is not only an accumulation of water on the earth but it is an accumulation of solution to people’s problem . Man has always depended on water and land for living which is a basic necessity of human beings . For this reason, civilization began on the banks of the river. However, as human society continued to develop, as a result it began to inhabit places far away from the rivers. So the means of collecting water starts on the earth , wherever possible man either for his own use or industrial use .

To remove the hidden water in the inner levels, wells or tank are built to store water. Moreover people starts collecting rain water by making pools or ponds. Since ancient times we can find this type of reservoir almost all the countries of the world . Thousands of reservoirs are found, which were built centuries ago by man. People in ancient time were using this method to sustain himself and his animals and to turn farming as much as possible.

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Aqueducts are helpful to supply water to distant cities

This reservoir is useful for water distribution in cities. In such reservoirs, storage of water is made at high altitude. So that water can reach the distribution tubes smoothly. This type of reservoir is made up of concrete, steel etc. In these, the required amount of water is stored, so that water can be made available normally. In many places, balancing reservoirs are also built. So that this balancing reservoir can facilitates water distribution and the water pressure in the distribution areas . Both should be the same.

Wildlife habitat

Planting a large number of trees on both sides of the river at least one kilometer wide will improve the environment, as well as it habitat. The composition of water in our body is seventy percent . Not only our body, but our earth is also covered by two-thirds of the water. Water, air and food are the fuel of our living engine. Life can be in trouble if not one is there. “Water is life” is not simply said. Water is one of the most important substances that are necessary for plants and animals. We cannot lead our daily lives without water. Without water, all creatures in the world can die. Conservation of water is important for our good and future. We need to take initiative to save water whether there is a shortage or not. We can find different species of butterfly here .

Kherkatta Dam full of water . Kapsi , Pakhanjore , Chhattisgarh.

Local source of fishing & boating

There are other uses of reservoirs which include fishing which is food for the people residing there. Reservoirs are useful for breeding fish too, so that food can be available to the society in the form of fish. It has a large circulation in every region of India . Apart from this, the means of recreation are often collected in the reservoir. Many beautiful reservoirs was build from time to time for this. Likewise we can find such reservoir near temples in India. Research team based on Ichthyofaunal diversity did a research and did discovery of varieties of fishes. . During the study researcher found out 25 Species of fishes belonging to 5 orders 11 family and 20 genera .

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Increased water pressure for those living in the valley

If there is water then only there is tomorrow, despite this, water is unnecessarily wasted. We should not forget that the solution to the water crisis is by conserving water. We have always heard “Water is life”. A golden tomorrow cannot be imagined without water, water is required to perform all the functions of life. With the rapid pace of urbanization and industrialization and increasing pollution and a steady increase in population, ensuring availability of drinking water for every person is a major challenge. As the heat is rising, the water problem in many parts of the country is becoming formidable. Every year this problem increases more than the previous year. Naturally shortage of water is there in the summer season . The problem of water will go away when the rain starts, and we store this water in the reservoir which further fulfill the needs of people of the valley.


Farmers’ income increases by at least three to four times when they cultivate organic fruits instead of crops. An indirect advantage of reservoir is that storage water will slowly leak into the land . Because of this the water continues to reach the watersheds in the underground . Then it will be extracted by wells at far away places to meet humans needs. Many reservoirs in central India and southern plateau regions helps to store water in the rainy season.

In turn reservoir flush water in sources located in the soil. As a result water can be available in the wells after rain. Therefore, there are huge benefits from reservoirs and their development associates with human development. Farmers constitute the largest share of India’s workforce but their earnings are the lowest. Increasing their income will have a positive impact and this makes this reservoir the land of energy for Pakhanjore

Power generation

In this modern ear expansion of reservoir helped in many ways . Out of that one is power generation . This high dams and multi faceted schemes become the multi-faceted schemes. A large amount of electricity was produced from this reservoir. This electricity was helpful to meet the requirements of the state. Kherkatta Reservoir can help the state to meet this requirement just need to install the power generation plant there.

Kherkatta Dam overflow . Kapsi , Pakhanjore , Chhattisgarh.

Conservation of water

The large population of the country is not conscious of water conservation despite knowing the unavailability of pure drinking water and related problems. Where people barely get water, people are understanding the importance of water, but the one who is getting water without any problem, they seem to be inattentive. Even today, water is ruthlessly shed in cities for polishing floors, washing cars and non-essential functions , therefore it is necessary to conserve the water in this reservoir. Kherkhatta reservoir has gross capacity of storage which is 2,955,000 million m3 .

Protecting the river from drying

Healthy river systems protect water and food for existing and future generations. The rivers of India are mainly fed by rainwater. So how do they flow throughout the year, even in dry seasons. Even after the end of the rainy season, perennial rivers keep flowing, During the monsoon more water will come to the surface and bring flooding as the soil will not absorb rain water. The rivers will dry up after the monsoon ends as there will be no moisture in the soil to nourish them. This reservoir is the savoir for the river which are drying in fact it is the land of energy for Pakhanjore.

Picnic spot

The beauty of this place makes it a perfect place for picnic with family or get together. This place is full of greenery all around . During the rainy season when the dam water increases to the mark it starts to overflow from the overflow panel made to control the water. The water from this flows through the canal system and reaches the fields of people who are dependent on the water for irrigation . In many places, reservoirs have also been able to enhance the natural beauty and this has proved with the beauty of this reservoir .

Because of all these reason this reservoir is known as Land of energy for Pakhanjore.

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Energy of Kherkatta Reservoir

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Beauty of Kherkatta dam

“Kherkatta Dam, where the rhythmic flow of water mirrors the resilience of a community, adapting to changing tides and embracing the challenges of life.”

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“Kherkatta Dam, a lifeline for agriculture, empowering farmers with irrigation, enabling growth, and fostering food security for generations to come.”

“Step into the tranquility of Kherkatta Dam’s surroundings, and let the peaceful ambiance wash over you, offering solace in the midst of a bustling world.”

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Habitat of Kherkatta dam

“Kherkatta Dam, a reservoir of dreams, where the confluence of water and human ambition creates a path towards progress and prosperity.”

“Step onto the shores of Kherkatta Dam, where the stillness of the water mirrors the calmness of the mind, offering a retreat from the chaos of everyday life.”

“Kherkatta Dam, a guardian of sustainability, preserving water resources and promoting responsible usage for the benefit of present and future generations.”

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“Step into the realm of Kherkatta Dam, and be inspired by the synergy of engineering and nature, as it exemplifies the harmonious coexistence of human progress and environmental preservation.”

“Kherkatta Dam, a lifeline of energy, generating clean and sustainable power, illuminating homes and driving the wheels of progress for the region.”

“In the tranquil expanse of Kherkatta Dam, find a reflection of tranquility and a source of inner peace, allowing the mind to find solace amidst the vastness of nature.”

“Kherkatta Dam, a catalyst for growth, providing water security that empowers industries, fosters economic development, and creates livelihood opportunities.”

“Step onto the remarkable structure of Kherkatta Dam, and witness the symphony of engineering and nature, a harmonious collaboration that redefines possibilities.”

Kherkatta is life line of 600 villages

“Kherkatta Dam, where the rippling waters tell stories of resilience, perseverance, and the triumph of human spirit in the face of challenges.”

“Step into the realm of Kherkatta Dam, where the boundless potential of water meets the ingenuity of human hands, shaping a brighter future.”

“Kherkatta Dam, a sanctuary of balance, where the controlled flow of water nurtures ecosystems, supporting biodiversity and ecological harmony.”

“In the shadow of Kherkatta Dam, witness the fusion of nature’s magnificence and human innovation, a testament to our ability to coexist and thrive together.”

“Kherkatta Dam, a gateway to abundance, unlocking the transformative power of water to fuel agricultural growth, ensuring food security for the region.”

“Step onto the sturdy walls of Kherkatta Dam, and feel the pulse of progress resonating through the veins of the surrounding landscape.”

“Kherkatta Dam, a beacon of resilience, standing tall as a shield against droughts, replenishing hope and sustenance for the communities it serves.”

“In the presence of Kherkatta Dam’s resolute structure, embrace the reminder that even the strongest foundations are built one brick of determination at a time.”

“Kherkatta Dam, a tapestry of life, where the rhythm of water flows through the veins of the region, connecting people, nature, and the future.”

“Step into the serenity of Kherkatta Dam’s surroundings, and let the tranquility wash over you, offering a glimpse into the profound harmony of nature’s symphony.”

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