Wei Sawdong waterfall

Wei Sawdong Waterfall

Wei Sawdong Waterfall is classically wide and forms a square shape of waterfall. It is situated in Meghalaya state of India. Meghalaya is known as ” Abode of clouds” . This waterfall has gained its fame because of crystal clear water . You can clearly see the sand through the water . This is the ultimate nature’s que scenery with lots of environmental benefits . The view is like a cascade whether you see it from the brink or from further we cannot deny its beauty.

Diengdoh Waterfall

This waterfall is also known as Diengdoh Waterfall . As it is in at the outskirts of Cherrapunji at Mawkama village which is around 40 kms from Shillong. To reach this waterfall you have to hike through the valley. It got the name Wei Sawdong because Wei means – ” it looks like a pool ” and Sawdong means – ” square shape”.

Three step waterfall

This waterfall is a three step waterfall . Therefore on every step it forms a small pond which makes it beautiful beyond expressions. However reaching the spot needs physical practice and ability to trek without any proper stairs. It is a 200 meters deep valley . In order to reach there villagers have made the path and stairs with bamboo trees. The path is quite dangerous because the bamboo ridges became weak.

You should be physically fit as the trip is consist with many obstacles. The viewpoint of the waterfall can be reached easily with a short trek. On the other hand to enjoy the flowing water of the waterfall you need to go through a difficult trek downhill.

Difficult path to reach there

While going to visit this amazing place you need to decide how much you can go . You can visit the view point and return or you can go a little more on a difficult path to see the waterfall. For the first part of the journey begins with the makeshift stairs which are very steep along with the mountains on both sides . When you reach the end of the trail you can watch the waterfall which is in three steps . Upon reaching there you will realize that it is just minutes of trek to witness this breathtaking beauty and being the main attraction.

Well then goes the surprising one with the second part which starts with some more steep steps leading to makeshift unstable bamboo ladders. Upon reaching the bamboo ladders which are against the damp and you can feel the wet mountains rock which is a little slippery and risky. You need to climb down the web mountain one by one at a time because any extra weight can lead the bamboo ladders to break . You need to be careful while walking there. The ladder is muddy and greasy as a result of one wrong step and you can fall down .

Mesmerizing Waterfall

We can see a natural waterfall flowing and mesmerizing us also we can sense that things feel ” right ” and full of life . The water of Wei Sawdong Waterfall is crystal clear and the waterfall announces the health of the ecosystem. To see the crystal clear water you must plan a trip from December to February . You can see different frames in different seasons starting with the rainy season. It is flowing with water all over the area . Then comes the winter which is the best for the waterfall and its beauty and at last comes summer where you can enjoy bathing under the waterfall .

With this journey I realized that travel is intensified living and one of the great sources of legal adventure which presents a certain sense in a chaotic world . It gave me a positive impact on my mood and my mental health . A healthy flow over waterfalls means the watercourse can support various life around it . We can see the green banks of streams and the plunge pools of waterfalls that tend to heal nature. It feels like I am connecting with nature and its beauty.

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