lost privacy by social network

How we lost our privacy by social network

Many people are not aware how we lost our privacy by social network . Because for them they are just sharing their personal things over a platform where millions of people can see it . In the world of social networks there is no privacy and because of these social networks we lost our privacy. We can’t keep track of all trillions of people in this world who are using social network platforms and that’s when the problem starts.

Participation in social networks leads to loss of personal information. Sometimes it is a means to steal personal information and we can’t stop from spreading gossip. In other words this gossip leads to harmful misinformation and further abuse. If a humiliation photo is taken at a party then the individual in the photo has no knowledge that their reputation is being hurt.

The moment we found out about this, it may have reached an enormous audience. Eventually harming their reputation badly. Nobody’s privacy should be a matter of laughter. Similarly nobody’s problem should be laughable. Privacy should be maintained to maintain respect in the society. If a person’s physical appearance is not attractive because of the problem of obesity then people upload their photos and ruin their reputation.

Used to hurt feelings

Many public profile photos are misused and edited to damage the reputation specially for girls. People will use abusive language to hurt the feelings or to make someone feel dominated. It is creating hatred in the hearts of people and they are losing their originality.

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Crimes done using social accounts

People in hunger of likes forget that they are destroying their own reputation and sometimes they fall in a trap set by evil minded people. Many people used social platform to create fake account. As a result they did many crimes including marriage assault, blackmail, revenge, murder, theft, kidnapping, spying and many more horrible crimes. Because of social networks only hacking started and did cause losses to many people.

Making people lazy

When people don’t have any work to do evil thinking and negative thinking comes in people’s mind and when they communicate with others they use inappropriate language , conveys abusive expression of feeling and facilitates laziness. So they will choose the things that won’t let their laziness go away. They can sit the whole day in front of their laptop and phone just viewing other people’s information.

True cause of social networks

Social networks were meant to meet with long distance friends , chat and get together in online groups, to see people when we miss them by video calling. Every invention has some pros and cons. Likewise social network has many cons which led to commit suicide . Some people got name and fame because of social network and to some happened just opposite to it and they spoiled their own life .People can remove the bar of border and can enables everyone to connect no matter which country they belongs to.

Social networks have many features in one place that can connect one to many people instantly. Not only for personal use but people are doing marketing for business through these social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, YouTube. This platform is easy to spread a message and invite many people to take part in activities.

Now a days these platforms are like contact book where we get reminders for birthdays, anniversaries. People collect feedback and comments on various ideas. It helps in direct connection with the audience and can gain valuable insight. Business minded people are building brands through this. this is the reason why we lost our privacy by social network.

How to protect your data and information

1. Ignore negative feedback and follow the positive feedback.

2. Always research before posting or sharing any content on social media platforms.

3. We should not get distracted and we should always remain focused.

4. Don’t get addicted to social media platforms .

5. Limit your shared content and limit your audience.

What we learn from this

  1. Addiction to social platforms leads to compulsive behavior.
  2. Because of social networks people are at risk of mental health problems like depression , anxiety and loneliness.
  3. Billions of fake accounts on social networks are making frauds and scams by setting traps for innocent people.
  4. Fake news is on trend now without rectifying whether the news is fake or true. People keep sharing and it goes viral which is misleading information.
  5. On social network people are expressing hatred and aggression. Teenagers are always victims of cyberbullying.
  6. Hackers hack your account on social media accounts , emails or mobile phone and steal your sensitive information like personal photos or files.
  7. Negative feedback is more, as compared to positive feedback.

This is how we lost our privacy by social network and we have enough time to save it. Please share with your friends to save them from humiliation.

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