My world has turned upside down and torn apart

My world turns upside down and torn apart

This is a story where my world turns upside down and torn apart . Moreover reality is different from imagination. But still I like my life as its part of my life and struggle. This struggle makes me strong even more.

Bachelor Life

As we are aware that bachelor life is life without any worries. I can go wherever I want whenever I want. Hanging out with friends teasing them and laughing out loud. Fighting with my brother over favorite meals that mom cooked. I still remember the days when I said mamma please give me this Leg-piece of chicken. And my brother said no I want , which makes mom in confusion whom should I give .

Then bro said with soft heart , ok I can give you this leg piece if you do all my homework. When dad comes home the only word he will call first is my name. The first person whom he wants to see when he comes home . Before going to the market dad always asks me what you want to eat today and the only answer is I want ‘Little hearts biscuits ‘. Eating and studying is the only work I do . I still remember the taste of my favorite fish curry . So yummy and tasty.

Life after marriage

But after marriage everything changed with so many responsibilities. Daily wake up early in the morning, clean the house, take a bath , do pooja and cook breakfast. Serve food to everybody on the dining table. Start preparations for lunch by cutting vegetables, grinding spices, and cleaning utensils from breakfast . Cook food and serve them hot . Clean kitchen after lunch. Prepare evening snack and tea. Then at last after having dinner wash the utensils. Daily same routine no change.

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Then one more addition to my life pregnancy. The news added so much happiness in our life that I started imaginig all good days . First 3 months the only thing I remember is vomit , vomit and vomit. Not a single thing I can eat. The smell of the food also made me vomit. Can’t eat ice cream or any cold food because It may affect the baby. After 5 months blood count in my body started dropping, which made me gain extra Kilos every month .

Kick by my baby makes my day. In eight month I just have to stay inside home and cant even step my foot outside the gate. Cooking 3 times a day feels like every part of my body is giving up. I can’t bend, no clothes fit me, no shoes fit me. I gained 15 kg during pregnancy which changed my body completely . The only good thing I remember during my pregnancy is not a single hair fall was there and it became stronger and thick.

Pre Delivery

For 2 days I had unbearable delivery pain. But nowadays doctors are concerned on money making policy. Even if everything was fine for normal delivery then also doctors went for surgery . Post surgery my whole body was paralyzed for the next 24 hours. I can only move my hands and my head . My baby was taken to ICU for 24 hours , doctors said she had some complications. Next evening I saw my daughter but she was sleeping because of the sleeping dose given to her .

Happiest moment with pain

For almost 24 hours my baby was without food. It was the most horrible experience where a newborn is starving. The moment she gained her consciousness she started crying loudly she started sucking very fast but it was giving me pain . For 36 hours she did not suck milk so the milk got clogged . I have to express the milk which gave me so much pain . This was the only way to feed her for next two days . The moment i takes her in my lap i forgot all my sorrows.

The smile from little munching was my smiling morning. After 15 long days I was just a feeding box where my baby needs to feed every 15 minutes and she takes a nap after 5 minutes of feeding. Every night I will be awake like a ghost and roam here and there carrying her so that she can sleep. The only good thing was her smile that made me forget all my pain even if my world turns upside down and torn apart.

No time for self

Next 3 months were sleepless nights , without taking proper baths , I almost forgot to comb my hair, the whole room was a mess with clothes and diapers laying here and there. No time for makeup, body care, can’t eat everything, have to rely on limited foods that were cooked daily, and then acid problem. As if my digestive system was lost completely due so high rate of change in hormones. Hair started falling and I almost became bald. This is the reason why my world turns upside down and torn apart.

Life with my angle is now wonderful memories

The day my baby turned 5 months old she started to respond to me . Next 6 months were so special and beautiful that I forgot all my pain and complaints. I just want to play with her whole day. When she crawls I too want to crawl with her. She would crawl in the whole house and I would run after her. The only worry was she would put everything in her mouth which she finds around her.

She would wake up at 5 o’ clock in the morning and she would wake us then. Her first teeth came in 7th month and she started walking in just 9 months. The moment she took her first step was the memorable moment in my life as if it was a great achievement of my life.

What we learn from this ?

Post delivery I learned one thing “If you are in a difficult situation then in future you will have a good time for sure “. After every night there is a day with a new sunrise and everyday is a new day. Even if my world turns upside down and torn apart I will not give up.

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