Advent of technology , losing sense of human relationship, save it

Inhumanity increases with advent of technology. Save it

We all know that inhumanity increases with advent of technology. Matter is how to save it ? Knowing everything we are ignoring it. Moreover this ignorance is leading to catastrophe .

Life without technology

In early days there were joint families and a perfect relationship was seen. But now with increasing technology people’s demands are increasing. As a result they are leaving their old parents and moving to cities to live separately. In the busy life of the current situation the people fail to give time to their family members. As a result children are moving on the wrong path .

The more concerning is parents don’t even know about it. By the time they came to know about it it’s already too late to do something . Here not only the life of children is ruined but the relationship between the children and parents gets worse. Life without technology is environment friendly.

Technology like social networking sites

People are wasting their time chatting online over social networking sites. Even email or electronic mail is not safe nowadays. As people are being hacked by this technology every minute. People are making fake account on social sites to loot people.

Even major crimes like rape and human trafficking and terrorist activity involves the role of social network . Personal information is collected from heir profiles. Because of this technology there is no privacy in people’s lives . Many videos are shared with propaganda of defaming their rivals.

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Technology like mobile phones and the internet

We have also seen people make nasty comments. Even badmouthing is becoming common . In addition people hiding behind the computers feel safe because there is no severe law for online harassment. People are going down to such a level that they are not sparing small children. People are misusing this technology without any fear.

Even mobile companies are playing games with the youth by making night calling free in place of day calling fee. Night is to sleep and take rest so that in the morning they can feel fresh . But these schemes are ruining the life of youth who are always busy talking on phone at night. Excess uses of radiation on phones are leading damage to brain cells. As a result it causes the memory loss and in some cases brain tumor or brain cancer.

Nuclear bombs and atomic bombs

Technology like nuclear bombs and atomic bombs are very harmful for our environment. Still we are in a dilemma about the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear attack. This incident where the lives of people were ruined to such an extent even their generations were born physically challenged. In addition killing innocent people just to show off how powerful they are. Even more worse factor is, this technology is harming environment . The only people who are getting benefited are the companies who make arms and ammunition that are used during war. This is why inhumanity increases with advent of technology.

Technology in the field of medicine

Now the effect of technology is to such an extent that even the unborn child’s life is not safe. In the field of medicine technology has decreased the death rate and increased the killing of unborn girl children. Due to technology like Solography this crime is increasing in alarming rate . Meanwhile the sex ration is decreasing day by day.

How love is destroyed by technology ?

Technology has even hampered the relationship between husband and wife because both are busy on the phone. And they intend to carry their phone to bed . They will put a password in the phone so that their partners cannot see the message to avoid a fight . This technology is destroying the trust of their partners.

What we learn from this

Love ,feelings, emotions don’t come from technology, it comes from people . So relationship can be maintained by people not by technology.

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