Advent of technology , losing sense of human relationship, save it

Inhumanity increases with advent of technology. Save it

We all know that inhumanity increases with advent of technology. Matter is how to save it ? Knowing everything we are ignoring it. Moreover this ignorance is leading to catastrophe .

Life without technology

In early days there were joint families and a perfect relationship was seen. But now with increasing technology people’s demands are increasing. As a result they are leaving their old parents and moving to cities to live separately. In the busy life of the current situation the people fail to give time to their family members. As a result children are moving on the wrong path .

The more concerning is parents don’t even know about it. By the time they came to know about it it’s already too late to do something . Here not only the life of children is ruined but the relationship between the children and parents gets worse. Life without technology is environment friendly.

Technology like social networking sites

People are wasting their time chatting online over social networking sites. Even email or electronic mail is not safe nowadays. As people are being hacked by this technology every minute. People are making fake account on social sites to loot people.

Even major crimes like rape and human trafficking and terrorist activity involves the role of social network . Personal information is collected from heir profiles. Because of this technology there is no privacy in people’s lives . Many videos are shared with propaganda of defaming their rivals.

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Technology like mobile phones and the internet

We have also seen people make nasty comments. Even badmouthing is becoming common . In addition people hiding behind the computers feel safe because there is no severe law for online harassment. People are going down to such a level that they are not sparing small children. People are misusing this technology without any fear.

Even mobile companies are playing games with the youth by making night calling free in place of day calling fee. Night is to sleep and take rest so that in the morning they can feel fresh . But these schemes are ruining the life of youth who are always busy talking on phone at night. Excess uses of radiation on phones are leading damage to brain cells. As a result it causes the memory loss and in some cases brain tumor or brain cancer.

Nuclear bombs and atomic bombs

Technology like nuclear bombs and atomic bombs are very harmful for our environment. Still we are in a dilemma about the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear attack. This incident where the lives of people were ruined to such an extent even their generations were born physically challenged. In addition killing innocent people just to show off how powerful they are. Even more worse factor is, this technology is harming environment . The only people who are getting benefited are the companies who make arms and ammunition that are used during war. This is why inhumanity increases with advent of technology.

Technology in the field of medicine

Now the effect of technology is to such an extent that even the unborn child’s life is not safe. In the field of medicine technology has decreased the death rate and increased the killing of unborn girl children. Due to technology like Solography this crime is increasing in alarming rate . Meanwhile the sex ration is decreasing day by day.

How love is destroyed by technology ?

Technology has even hampered the relationship between husband and wife because both are busy on the phone. And they intend to carry their phone to bed . They will put a password in the phone so that their partners cannot see the message to avoid a fight . This technology is destroying the trust of their partners.

What we learn from this

Love ,feelings, emotions don’t come from technology, it comes from people . So relationship can be maintained by people not by technology.

Quotes on technology

“Technology is the bridge that connects imagination to reality, enabling us to shape a better future.”

“Technology is not just a tool; it is the catalyst for innovation and progress in every aspect of our lives.”

“In the age of technology, the possibilities are endless, limited only by our imagination and creativity.”

“Technology is the key that unlocks the doors to knowledge, empowering us to learn, grow, and expand our horizons.”

“With technology, we have the power to change the world, one idea, one invention at a time.”

“Technology is the language of the future, enabling us to communicate, collaborate, and connect across borders and cultures.”

“In the realm of technology, the only limit is our curiosity and the willingness to explore the unknown.”

“Technology is the driving force behind the evolution of society, shaping the way we live, work, and interact with one another.”

“Technology is a double-edged sword; it holds the potential for great advancements and profound impact, but also carries the responsibility to use it wisely.”

“In the hands of innovators and visionaries, technology becomes a powerful tool for positive change, shaping a brighter and more inclusive world.”

Quotes on innovation of technology

“Technology is the silent revolution that has transformed the world, empowering us to achieve what was once unimaginable.”

“In the realm of technology, the only constant is change, propelling us forward and opening doors to new possibilities.”

“Technology is the modern-day wizardry that has made the impossible possible and the inaccessible accessible.”

“With technology, we have the world at our fingertips, empowering us to learn, explore, and create on a global scale.”

“Technology is the driving force behind the digital age, reshaping industries, revolutionizing communication, and redefining the way we live.”

“In the digital era, technology has become the canvas on which we paint our dreams, ambitions, and collective aspirations.”

“Technology is the ultimate tool of empowerment, breaking down barriers, amplifying voices, and leveling the playing field.”

“Technology is the modern-day storyteller, capturing our experiences, preserving our memories, and shaping our narratives.”

“With technology, we are not limited by time or distance; we can connect, collaborate, and create across boundaries and borders.”

“Technology is the symphony of human ingenuity, innovation, and imagination, harmonizing to shape a future that was once only a dream.”

Quotes on potential of technology

“Technology is the fuel that propels us into the future, igniting our potential and propelling us towards new horizons.”

“In the hands of humanity, technology becomes a catalyst for progress, enabling us to build a world that surpasses our wildest dreams.”

“Technology is the tool that amplifies our capabilities, extending our reach and empowering us to accomplish feats that were once thought impossible.”

“With technology, we hold the power to reshape the world, to solve complex problems, and to create a brighter future for generations to come.”

“Technology is the bridge between what is and what could be, allowing us to transform ideas into reality and shape a better tomorrow.”

“In the digital age, technology is the language that connects us, transcending borders and cultures, fostering understanding and collaboration.”

“Technology is the instrument of change, empowering individuals and communities to challenge the status quo and shape a more equitable world.”

“With technology as our ally, we can tackle the greatest challenges of our time, from climate change to healthcare, and build a sustainable future.”

“Technology is the canvas upon which human creativity thrives, enabling us to express ourselves, share our stories, and inspire others.”

“In the age of technology, the possibilities for innovation are boundless, limited only by our imagination, curiosity, and drive to make a difference.”

Quotes on opportunities that technology brings

“Technology is the bridge that spans the gap between what is known and what is possible, propelling us into a world of endless discovery.”

“In the realm of technology, the only limit is the extent of our imagination and the courage to embrace the unknown.”

“Technology is the silent revolution that has reshaped the way we live, work, and connect with one another.”

“With technology as our ally, we have the power to redefine what it means to be human and unlock the vast potential within us.”

“Technology is the great equalizer, providing opportunities for innovation and growth to all corners of the world.”

“In the digital era, technology has become the lifeblood of progress, fueling innovation and driving societal transformation.”

“Technology is the tool that empowers us to break down barriers, transcend limitations, and create a more inclusive and interconnected world.”

“With technology, we have the ability to democratize knowledge, making education accessible to all and unlocking the doors to opportunity.”

“Technology is the catalyst for change, enabling us to reimagine traditional industries, disrupt the status quo, and build a future that surpasses our imagination.”

“In the hands of visionaries and innovators, technology becomes a force for good, fostering sustainable development, and addressing pressing global challenges.”

Quotes on impact of technology

“Technology is the enabler of our boldest dreams, turning imagination into reality and propelling humanity forward.”

“In the digital age, technology is the paintbrush with which we create the tapestry of our modern world.”

“Technology is the language that transcends borders, cultures, and time, allowing us to connect and communicate in ways never before imaginable.”

“With technology, we hold the keys to unlock the doors of innovation, paving the way for a future filled with endless possibilities.”

“Technology is the tool that empowers individuals to amplify their impact, effect positive change, and leave a lasting legacy.”

“In the realm of technology, each new invention is a testament to the boundless potential of human ingenuity.”

“Technology is the bridge that connects generations, preserving the wisdom of the past while propelling us towards a brighter future.”

“With technology as our guide, we can navigate the complexities of the modern world and find solutions to the greatest challenges we face.”

“Technology is the spark that ignites the fire of progress, fueling innovation, and transforming the world as we know it.”

“In the hands of those who dare to dream, technology becomes a force for positive change, shaping a more sustainable and inclusive future.”

Negative impact due to technology

Quotes on inhumanity due to technology

“Technology, when wielded without empathy and compassion, can breed a new form of inhumanity that disconnects us from our shared humanity.”

“In the pursuit of technological progress, we must not lose sight of our moral compass, for it is the guiding force that prevents the inhumanity that technology can facilitate.”

“While technology has the potential to bring us closer, it can also create barriers that distance us from genuine human connection, leading to a cold and inhumane world.”

“In a world dominated by screens and algorithms, we risk losing the human touch that brings warmth, empathy, and understanding to our interactions.”

“The rise of technology can inadvertently lead to a dehumanization of society, where individuals become mere numbers, data points, and commodities.”

“In the pursuit of efficiency and convenience, we must guard against the inhumanity that can arise when technology replaces genuine human interaction and care.”

“Technology, when used as a tool of control and manipulation, can perpetuate systems of oppression, devaluing human lives and breeding inhumanity.”

“As technology advances, we must not forget the importance of fostering compassion, empathy, and kindness in our interactions to counteract the potential for inhumanity.”

“In a world driven by instant gratification and virtual experiences, we risk sacrificing the depth and richness of genuine human connection, leading to a profound sense of inhumanity.”

“The dark side of technology lies in its potential to amplify hate, discrimination, and dehumanization, reminding us of the urgent need for ethical considerations and responsible use.”

Quotes on how technology disconnected from shared community

“As technology advances, we must be vigilant against the dehumanization it can bring, ensuring that compassion and empathy remain at the core of our interactions.”

“In the pursuit of progress, we must not allow technology to strip away our empathy and reduce human lives to mere statistics and algorithms.”

“Technology, when used as a weapon instead of a tool, can amplify inhumanity and perpetuate harm on an unprecedented scale.”

“In a world driven by technology, let us not forget that the essence of humanity lies in our ability to connect, understand, and uplift one another.”

“While technology connects us globally, we must be mindful of the potential for its misuse, which can lead to division, isolation, and inhumanity.”

“In our reliance on technology, we must not forget the importance of face-to-face interactions, for it is in those moments that true empathy and understanding can flourish.”

“The inhumanity of technology emerges when it becomes a barrier to authentic human connection, replacing genuine emotions with superficial interactions.”

“Technology should never be an excuse for indifference or apathy; it should be a tool that amplifies our capacity for kindness, compassion, and justice.”

“The inhumanity of technology lies not in the technology itself but in how we choose to use it. Let us wield it responsibly and with an unwavering commitment to our shared humanity.”

“In a world saturated with technology, we must remind ourselves that true progress lies not in what we create but in how we use it to promote fairness, equality, and dignity for all.”

Quotes on loss of genuine human connection

“Technology, when detached from our ethical values, can amplify the inhumanity within us, reminding us of the vital importance of responsible innovation.”

“In the realm of technology, it is crucial to remember that our greatest advancements should be measured by their ability to enhance human dignity, not diminish it.”

“The path to progress is paved with a commitment to use technology as a force for good, ensuring that it does not contribute to the erosion of our humanity.”

“As technology evolves, we must guard against the dehumanizing consequences that arise when we prioritize efficiency and convenience over empathy and compassion.”

“The true measure of our technological advancements lies not in the complexity of our machines but in our ability to preserve and uplift the sanctity of human life.”

“While technology has the potential to connect us, let us not forget the importance of genuine human connection, which is the antidote to the inhumanity that can arise from virtual interactions.”

“In the age of rapid technological progress, we must actively resist the temptation to sacrifice human values at the altar of innovation, ensuring that compassion and justice remain at the forefront.”

“Technology should be a tool that enhances our humanity, empowering us to create a more just and compassionate world, rather than contributing to the devaluation of human life.”

“The inhumanity of technology emerges when it becomes a substitute for genuine human care, empathy, and understanding. Let us use technology to amplify our humanity, not replace it.”

“In our pursuit of technological advancements, let us not forget that the essence of being human lies in our ability to show kindness, empathy, and respect to one another.”

Quotes on how we are forgetting the essence of humanity

“Technology, when driven by profit and power, can inadvertently perpetuate inequality and deepen the divides between the privileged and the marginalized.”

“The inhumanity of technology emerges when it becomes a tool for manipulation, surveillance, and the erosion of privacy, compromising our fundamental rights and freedoms.”

“In the digital age, we must navigate the fine line between connectivity and isolation, ensuring that technology does not become a barrier to genuine human connection and empathy.”

“The dehumanizing effects of technology arise when it is used as a means to amplify hate speech, spread misinformation, and incite division among people.”

“The inhumanity of technology is revealed when it becomes a substitute for genuine human interaction, robbing us of empathy, understanding, and the beauty of face-to-face connection.”

“As technology advances, we must be mindful of the ethical implications of artificial intelligence, automation, and other emerging technologies, as they can contribute to job displacement and widen societal inequalities.”

“The inhumanity of technology surfaces when it fosters a culture of instant gratification, superficiality, and comparison, eroding our self-worth and sense of genuine connection.”

“In a world driven by algorithms and personalized experiences, the inhumanity lies in the loss of serendipity, diversity, and the richness of human experiences.”

“The dark side of technology reveals itself when it becomes a means for cyberbullying, harassment, and online abuse, leading to real-world consequences and emotional harm.”

“The inhumanity of technology becomes apparent when it amplifies the commodification of human lives, reducing individuals to mere data points and objects of surveillance.”

Quotes on impact of technology on our humanity

“Technology, when misused, can become a weapon that dehumanizes and alienates, eroding our sense of empathy, compassion, and connection.”

“The inhumanity of technology lies in its potential to desensitize us to the suffering of others, as we become increasingly detached from the realities of human experiences.”

“As technology advances, we must not allow it to overshadow the importance of genuine human interaction, for it is in those moments that we truly experience empathy and understanding.”

“The inhumanity of technology emerges when it becomes a distraction that pulls us away from the present moment, disconnecting us from the beauty and richness of life.”

“In a world driven by virtual interactions, we must be mindful of the impact of technology on our mental health, relationships, and overall well-being.”

“The dehumanizing effects of technology arise when it becomes a platform for spreading hate, discrimination, and toxicity, creating a toxic digital environment.”

“The inhumanity of technology is revealed when it reinforces existing power structures, perpetuating inequality and marginalization in the digital realm.”

“In our reliance on technology, we must not forget the importance of face-to-face communication, genuine connection, and the power of human touch.”

“The inhumanity of technology lies in its potential to replace human workers, leading to job loss, economic disparity, and a sense of alienation.”

“As we navigate the digital landscape, we must remember that true progress lies not just in technological advancements but in our ability to harness technology to uplift humanity and create a more compassionate and just society.”

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