Eligibility of youth to enter politics

Eligibility of youth to enter into politics

Is there any eligibility of youth to enter into politics in India. I guess no . This field has high impact but it does not have any category or eligibility. Lets see how this can encourage youth with transparent politics and a better one that everybody deserves.

This is an initiative to make the country a modern and fully educated nation. And it necessary for political leaders to be educated . Also the imperative of education will give an opportunity to the educated and good people to come forward in politics. There is no compulsory education in Indian politics. Later in 2018 rural government elections, minimum education was made mandatory for the Panch-Sarpanch.

Above all no educational qualification of any kind is applicable in the election of members of Legislative Assembly and Lok Sabha. People who get public opinion reach that chair. In our country, young people from peons to officer jobs get the jobs after getting higher education. Meanwhile there is no standard of education to become MLA or MP. The imperative of higher education will also increase the trend of youth in politics. On completion of higher educational qualifications, avenues should open for them to pursue a career in politics.

What Indian politics need ?

Today, the country needs a politics which is clean, healthy and have some values. All this is possible only when the domination of people with dynasty, money power and muscle power breaks down in politics. Also the youth get adequate representation in politics. If more hard-working, talented and aware youth come into politics, who have vision and knowledge, then their thinking and ability can be used in politics. This will stop the increasing criminalization in politics, money power and muscle power to a great extent. In addition it will also help in strengthening Indian democracy.

Eligibility criteria

There are eligibility criteria for each government post. On the same lines, there should be eligibility criteria in politics as well. The minimum educational qualification to become an MP and MLA should be a graduate. Also they must pass the ‘Political Entrance Examination’. After qualifying political Entrance examination they should go through rigorous training including an army training for 1 year . Political behavior and manners should be on priority in learning . Also the candidate should pass all the leadership qualities test.

He or she should not have any criminal record. Also there should be fix retirement age for politicians. It is necessary to do this because often the elderly leaders of the parties do not want to leave the post. There should not be any reservation . In addition Selection should be based on performance .

Many politicians do not give up the temptation to contest elections even when they are sick, elderly, physically disabled. This does not give the youth a chance to move forward. Only highly educated leaders can make meaningful policies in the right sense. Also they have the capability to give right direction to the society. That’s why there is requirement of eligibility of youth to enter into politics

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Why don’t the youth want to make politics their career ?

Despite being a democracy, the biggest problem of youth entry into politics is the entry point. Dynasty has hindered the youth in the path of entering politics. Without any merit people are becoming party President, MLA ,MP. Also dynasticism weakens the infrastructure of democracy . Also right talent deserve to be the leader. But the truth is that today all the parties of the country are in the pocket of some family or person. There is no party that does not have this disease. Families and dynasties have held the youth of the country in a way that is hollowing out the whole body system of the country.

Mainstream politics has also had an impact on student politics. All those enemies who are in national politics, have absorbed student politics. Currently only a few student organizations have an independent existence. And the rest are nurtured by some or the other parties. This is the reason that no student movement has been able to stand in this country since 1980. Some youth focus on their studies or competitive examinations, so they do not want to go into politics.

How bright politics as a career can be ?

If the minimum educational qualification is fixed in politics, then it will not only bring educated intellectuals in politics but also qualified, highly educated youth. Naturally questions will be there. Of course anyone can make a career in the fields of medical, engineering, management, teaching, marketing etc. So why not in politics? It is true that nothing is assured in politics. Likewise it is also completely true that if the intentions are true then you contribute to the betterment of the country. And serve the countrymen. Where as in other fields you work only for yourself.

After getting into politics, the most important tasks are to contest elections. Before this it is also necessary to know that there is a lot of potential in politics in our country. Highly educated public representatives can easily understand the depth of issues related to public interest and make better efforts to solve it. While illiterate or under-educate people are solving issues and many times do not understand the technical ramifications of issues.

Youth can be guardians of national unity

The youth are skilled in the use of technology. Effective changes can be brought in society by making it a tool. Youth can end the wall between two communities. It may play a role in restoring peace. If desired, the youth power can organize and take the stand of non-violent movement. Educated, able youth can be carriers of social, political, economic progress of the nation. Along with strengthening the foundation of the nation and can unite the people of the nation . Only education is the key to youth to become patriot and loyal to the nation .

Qualities of good leader

  1. Leaders should be fearless and endurance. Boat cannot cross the waves out of fear but whose who try for it will get success surely .It is essential for a good leader not only to be character but he should have the power to be the struggling, fearless, and adversary to turn people towards himself.

2. Leaders should be polite and soft speaker so that he should never ever hurt the feelings of anyone . The quality of a good leader is that he should listen well to everyone and keep dialogue. They should keep themselves away from any kind of distraction that provoke or offend. Instead they should be develop their stamina to endure all circumstances to make great decisions .

3. Leaders should have good education and speech art which are a compulsory quality . You can be a good leader only when your language enters the hearts of the common people and he feels that his speeches include his own pain.

Participation of youth is important

Without the participation of youth, the hope of a change in the status quo would be meaningless. Whatever countrywide socio-political movements have taken place in the last six decades, be it the language movement of 1967, the entire revolution, the student movement in Assam, or the anti-corruption movement, there has been youth participation. The youth will have to become an alternative to politics rather than becoming trolls and mobsters.

Regardless politics should be a part of living the way of life. Considering it to be epoch and one has to follow that path. They have to take responsibility for the operation of the nation-state on their shoulders. The need of the hour is to bring the youth into the mainstream of politics and participate in the decision making process.

Otherwise, a large population of the population will become the parts of the parties that have become election machines, will be trolling and will create hysteria. The highly educated unemployed people are increasing in the country. These people should get opportunities in politics so that they get some work. With eligibility of youth to enter into politics highly educated will get the opportunity .

After election people are not interested in taking responsibility

After elections the responsible are moving forward and the public is left behind. This has been going on for years. After gaining power, public sentiments are of no importance to the leaders. Due to this, society is also lagging behind. Earlier leaders used to live for values in society and now its meanings are changing. Due to this, it has become very important to pay attention to the youth. One has to think about the interests of the public and society. After this change in the society is sure to happen.

What we learned from this ?

The youth’s deep interest in politics has made the face of democracy more bright. Eventually it is making room for the honesty that is missing in politics for a long time. These youth who are running different types of campaigns and trying to bring out the difficulties and issues related to people are the new face of change.

IITs, IIMs and various parts of the country are educated by a good institute and there are many youngsters who are willing to enter politics. Leaders are born and this people truly deserves to be a leader. Educated youth have to enter politics to improve the politics of the county. India’s future will also be bright. So eligibility of youth to enter into politics is very important.

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