Working women goes sleepless night

Most of the working women go sleepless at night

People still are in dilemma that woman does less work than man . If so then why do most of the working women go sleepless at night ? To know the answer read this


Women are considered the person who sacrifices more in her life as compared to men. Women are the ones who are expected to handle various responsibilities from childhood which makes them a good multi-tasker. Their inherent qualities make them people with good managers. As they are women therefore they have more patience in difficult situations . They are able to manage situations with their positive attitude and calm mind compared to their counter partners.

Makes weakness as their strength

Women are very emotional and soft hearted which is considered as a weakness in managing things but by doing this they become more firm towards their work. We all are born with some weakness and some strengths including women. They have the power to change their weakness into their strengths. If she does that then there is no stopping for her. Everybody has to plan for weekends with family by leaving the office matters aside. On the other hand women dont have weekends. As a result woman works every days . If we calculate properly woman actually work all 365 days in the year.

No rest for woman

For a girl child its can be easy as mother is there . But who will help mother in difficult situations. Moreover she has to be strong enough to bear all the pain . Pain of 5 days in every month . Also the pain of breaking 20 bones at a time while delivering baby. Above all she has to even suffer to give away her sleep while taking care of baby. This is why most of the working women go sleepless at night.

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It would be better if we say home manager because the way she looks after everyone , takes care of children, adores elders, and does all the chores of the house . Her life revolves around her family only . Some women choose this of their own but some are forced to do as if they don’t have any dreams. And some don’t have any other option . She cooks food for her family according to their demand.

Today we have progressed a lot but there are many women in the whole world who are not given a chance to prove themselves. Also they are not given enough responsibilities to showcase their potential. In addition without any choice they opt for becoming a housewife. To them family is emotional security .

Working women

Life of working women who are unmarried is always great because she becomes self-sufficient and she is enjoying her freedom of her interest. No one to blame for bad food . she will never have to hear the taunts even if she gets up late. Even now in 21st century People still thinks boys can do every thing but girls can’t do .

Once she is married her life becomes a mess . Her dream is to work but she has to manage home as well . She does all the domestic work , taking care of everyone in the house . So they grew the quality of managing their children and are simultaneously able to concentrate on their career. For working women professionalism and family can be described as the two sides of the same coin as both are equally important in everybody’s life.

Women struggled a lot to give her an individual identity and financial security through profession. Professionalism is not only being workaholic but rather its all about your priorities both at the workplace and at home. To achieve goals we have to stay away from family. That’s how our brave soldiers are staying away from their families to protect our country. Working women have to go through many circumstances and heavy workload .

What can men’s do to save women from sleepless nights ?

The word man itself comes from the woman, and the very fact that women have much more caliber and qualities than men. We all are aware of the fact that women are one who take pain for nine long months and give birth to children and the pain costs them is equal to breaking 20 bones at a time. So men can help their life partner with playing different roles when they need someone’s support . A simple phrase “let me help you in doing this ” makes a lot of difference in women’s lives .

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