story- Why do you want this job

Interview question-why you want this job ?

This is a story about a married woman about the experiences and hardship she faced in her life . When she went for an job interview HR asked her interview question-why you want this job ? Read the story to know the answer.

Before marriage

A married woman who was also a mother went for an interview in a company. She was very nervous as this was the first interview post delivery. Although before marriage she worked for 6 years in a reputed company. In addition she did a fabulous job there. She worked hard everyday because she wanted to prove to her parents that she has the talent. After graduation she was staying in the city away from her parents. Also she maintained her own expenses without depending on anybody. All these years from childhood to adult she knows that her parent’s home is her home and they are her family.

Waiting for her turn

While she was sitting in the queue for the interview all the memories are coming as if yesterday only she was staying with her parents. She is such a positive girl that she thinks after marriage she will get 2 more parents. And she will actually have 4 parents. Moreover she will spend all the quality time taking care of her new parents.

She will never give up. She wonder why people go for a domestic violence report. There must be something wrong with the woman only. Later she saw the report of increasing divorce cases which made her to think that maybe it’s because they went for arranged marriage instead of love marriage. And there must be mismatch between the families. Then she started to find answer to Interview question-why you want this job ?

Old lady came with glass of water

She started collecting all her reason to find a proper answer that will always motivate her . While she was waiting for the interview an old lady came with a glass of water and asked her “madam do you want some water”. she replied no thank you. When she took a glance at the old lady she was wondering that she might have seen her somewhere before. Then she realized that she was the mother of her friend who was studying with her in the same college.

She could easily recognize her. Since she visited her friends house many times for notes when they were studying in the same class in the same college. She also remembered that her friend was having a girlfriend too. But he is working in an MNC company with a good salary then why his old mother has to work here at such an old age .

But she was looking familiar with the lady who was having a small tea stall in front of the company where she came for the interview. Then she must be working here to earn for her livelihood. That means it is clear her son is not looking after her. She was shocked to see how he abandoned his mother like this.

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My parents don’t visit me anymore

So is it possible that her own brother has also abandoned her parents. Because her brother also got married to a woman of his choice. But he did a love marriage how can there much be a mismatch between them. In fact he might have went for his love forgetting his parents love . But my parents always love their daughter-in-law so much. Even my parents gave away all the property in the name of my brother and his wife . In conclusion, my parents don’t have much money after giving away all the property. So this must be the reason why they don’t come to visit me anymore.

Time for Interview

While she was about to enter the room for the interview she thought she and her husband never abandoned my in-laws and I have always taken care of them. She knocked at the door and asked can I come in . The interview panel said please come in and sit down. The first question they asked her was tell me something about you. She answered the question beginning with her name ending with her 3 year old baby.

She was selected for the job

The next interview question-why you want this job ?. She answered it saying ” I want this job and I am in need of this . Even after having experience for 6 years in a reputed company I got married to a person I loved so much . While I was leaving the house post marriage my dad said that now this is not your home your in laws home will be your home . When I started to live with them every alternate day I heard that this is not your home this is your in-laws home . So sir I don’t have a home and if I get this job I can buy my own house and I have the talent to do so. I will work hard day and night “.

Last wish

She was selected for the job but while she was returning home seeing the old lady she promised to herself that she didn’t want to purchase the home out of ego but to prove that she has a home to stay. Also she also promised herself that she will take care of her in-laws as well as her own parents thinking her husband must be happy in heaven seeing his wife. She remembered her husband’s last wish, “please take care of my parents as I have taken care of you , I love you”.

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