Remedy for side effects of working long hours

Remedy for side effects of working long hours

To All who are working from Home ,I want to share one bad experience of my friend’s friend who was working from home .Also Remedy for side effects of working long hours

Work from home

She started working from home in March like all of us, due to the Corona Pandemic . After some time workload increased due to nonavailability of laptops to some team members and some have network related problems. So workload increased further and she has to work 12-13 hours a day . During these long working hours she does multiple calls , meetings , lunch/breakfast along with others.

She was not taking proper rest as well as there was no physical exercise in her body. After one month of continuous work her right leg got slightly swollen. Then she went to visit a general physician . Few more days passed then she was facing little difficulty while breathing. But she ignored it considering it as normal and she continued her work as usual 12-13 hours a day.

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Admitted to hospital

One day she suddenly collapsed and fainted and she was unconscious for almost five minutes. Her neighbour gave her first aid to gain consciousness till her husband arrived. Her husband took her to the hospital in an ambulance. On seeing her doctors admitted her in the hospital but her condition became worse .

Then she was shifted to ICU for the next three days. Seeing her condition, doctors suspected of Covid-19 but when the report came it was negative. Then the doctors asked for a blood test. Several blood tests were taken and the report shows that blood clots are present in the veins of legs.

Side effects of working for long hours

Doctors said that prolonged sitting led to formation of blood clots in legs. But it becomes worse if they travel to lungs that cause breathing problems. She took medical leave for one month to recover from the illness. One day she called me and she shared her experience .

She said this incident changed her completely about her views towards work, life and how important health is . Our health should be of utmost importance and at the top of your priority list .When your health is not in good condition , all other aspects of your life suffer.


So many people among us are working for long hours continuously ignoring body signals. Today I request you all to avoid sitting for long hours and please take a minimum break of 5-10 minutes after every 2 hours.During this break take a small walk , stretch your legs and hands and drink lots of water . We should totally avoid work from bed or sofa. we should maintain proper posture while sitting and while walking . Everyday we should keep an aim of at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity .

Please share this message to all your friends because most of the people are working from home and try to avoid sitting for long hours without taking breaks. For some it can be Remedy for side effects of working long hours.

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