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Are you afraid of Death ?

Are you afraid of Death ?Anything that is born gets destroyed that is the  law of nature . If you are curious about the science behind it then it is conservation of energy. Vedic science has clearly mentioned gods in the form of energy. So today we will try to unfold the mystery behind it . 

Energy is of two types positive energy and negative energy . Here positive energy is god and negative energy is evil.  Our work is to balance the cycle and leave something good for the next generation. If we take an example of battery we can understand the true meaning. When the battery is getting charged means acquiring energy to be born. When it is fully charged it will run smoothly . Its in a stage that by charging itself with all the positive energy which can make it run properly. After a period of time its gets discharged .

Getting discharged is like using the negative energy to kill the positive energy. So that it can stop working or gets destroyed completely. In this example we can see getting charged and getting discharged become a cycle of that battery. Likewise life and death are also in a cycle with positive energy to be born and negative energy will  kill us. 

What is death ?

Death is not the opposite of life but a part of life because it completes the cycle and ends the purpose for which we were waiting and fulfilling all our responsibility . Death is all about depth of life not length of life . After all we will not get a second chance . so live this life of light’s wonderful secret . We cannot change events anyway  so let them happen and we can face it boldly. No matter how much plans you make or how much in control you are, life goes onward and outward.

Don’t be afraid of death in fact start living your life 

On anyone’s death life does not stop and the world will keep on turning without that person. Time never stops for anyone . All the forms of life that will decay eventually but we need to learn to survive to live. Whenever we wake up in the morning we should believe deep in our heart that we will live in this world forever.  Even though we know some day we have to set out on our journey towards heaven. In this life we must be able to do something good so that our generation can remember us. Doing so I don’t want to die until I have enjoyed every last bit of my life. 

We should start thinking about people when they are alive and not when they die. Because this is the only way we can tell our near and dear ones about their importance in our life. So we should start living our life with them when they are alive and not missing them when they die. We should become a person whose outward courage dares to die bravely. This dare only can come when we will dare to live with our inner courage.

Courage that can even challenged a pure and loyal wife to bring her husband back to life from death squad . So that they can tell   how much they love  each other. Life should not be an journey to the grave with mere intention of arriving safely in a pretty well preserved body. Because people will not enjoy the sun if it never rained. We should be able to do such things in our life that neither fire nor wind , neither birth nor death can erase the good deeds we have done so far. This good deeds are for the sake of people living around us.

How is soul related to death ?

Soul is immortal and it does not die nor born as if the body dies . The soul will change the body as we change clothes according to our requirement. When someone’s goes to school he has to come back home too. Likewise body is born with soul fulfill its requirement and then  die and soul comes back to its origin place .

Here we need to understand the true work of soul and origin of the soul. We are constantly searching for immorality and dream of living more years. These are our need and greed that increases day by day . Due to fear of death many people live with anxiety , suffering and mind blocking . Most of the people waste energy in fighting with these problems  instead of enjoying and fulfilling the dreams .  

Get something about realm of history

Origin of soul

There is only one god who is the supreme being . God has divided its energy into thousands , lakhs or crores of souls . That means we all are part of god only . If we want to find god then we can find it in ourselves so in early history they used to worship the sound and hymns not any idols , frame or photo .

People used to sit in one place close their eyes and meditate for several thousands of years . Later on when they wake up from their meditation they learn so much knowledge. The science behind it is soul and its relation to the universe . Soul can travel in this whole universe without a body . Soul has the ability to learn too, that’s how people become knowledgeable. 

How can we get rid of fear of death ?

Everyone has its own reason to fear death so first we need to find out the reason for the fear . Research has shown that most of the time people are afraid of death because they do not see good in life. They fill themselves with negative thoughts . People forget the real purpose of life and they are surrounded with feelings like regret, guilt  and anger. People always feel regret and remorse that they can never inherit the potential to grow .

Understand the true meaning of life 

At birth we are life a seed and the purpose of life is to move forward , develop and do all the good we can do . This progress is hindered by negativity and failure in life . We should find out the importance of existence in  life. People need to identify our power to fight all kinds of evil till it turns into asses . We know our ability and goals and use it in exchange for necessity.  If we are able to find out existence  then only we can move away from a narrow mindset and can overcome our ego then the possibility of death will not scare us . 

We can see the situation of students . These students who are working very hard all year may forget everything in the exam about what  they have studied but sometimes in  one night’s study  people can remember it and they understand it. So they can write the exam . Sometimes things just happen opposite to it like people who studied whole year can write the exam if they don’t study the day before night .   This happens due to the fear of exams .

Fear is the horrible thing in this world which can turn good people bad and bad people good all depends upon the situation . And sometimes fear becomes good which makes people successful in their life. And sometimes if we remove that fear from our heart it may become difficult to do the same thing we can do in just some moments . That means we have the control in our hand just we need to apply it properly .

What we have learned from fear of death  ?

Our body is a factory , our senses are machines and  soul is energy . The senses will do the work  but we made our ego as owner and work according to our interest whether it is wrong or right . In the race of getting success we may get wrong results so we should do our duty without thinking about results . The idea of getting success very fast may lead to downfall very fast . Because of our ego we became weak and unfaithful.  We think misdeed is right of action instead of good deed , we think of culture as bondage instead of birth  and action as binding  instead of deeds .

How to avoid falling into trap ?

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