Krishna Janmashtami and his cute naughtiness

People are celebrating Krishna Janmashtami as birth festival. As Lord Krishna was born on this very day . According to Vishnu Purana and Bhagavata purana he too eight avatar. furthermore all this ancient says that Lord Vishnu reincarnates in different form to save people from evil. Here you can find the significance of Krishna Janmashtami and his cute naughtiness

This festival is zeal of every enthusiasms. And also people follow all his good works . Moreover it falls on eight day of krishna paksha (Dark fortnight). According to hindu lunisolar calendar this date falls either in month of Sharavana or Bhadrapada. The date depends on the occurrence of last new moon (full moon)of the month . Similarly in Gregorian calendar it falls in month of August or September.

Krishna Lila

When Krishna was little he did many mischievous things. According to Bhagavata purana this mischievousness is known as Rasa Lila or Krishna Lila . Therefore , people will depict his Rasa Lila through drama and dance . Krishna Lila is famous for his cuteness and fight against evil. Merely at the small age of 8 Krishna did many unbelievable things . This is the reason people from other religion finds it difficult to e true . Even they call the history of king Krishna as mythology .

Lord Krishna as love god

At the age of 8 only his loving nature took attention in nearby villages. In addition people adores the love of Radha and Krishna . Also people pray them as couple in temples. His friendship with Sudama will make you eye drops falls on your cheeks. Therefore Krishna Janmashtami and his cute naughtiness will last till eternity.

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Janmashtami is a 2 day celebration. It starts with fasting (upavasa), a night vigil (Ratri Jagaran). Mean while people will prepare special food (prasada) . Then evening pooja or worship (arti). everyone will pay by reciting Bhagvata Purana and bhagvata Gita. Then follows with a festival(Mahotsav) which includes singing, dancing , drama (Krishna Lila or Rasa Lila). And at last breaking of Dhahi handi (pot filled with curd). People on this occasion decorate their house with flowers, lights and rangolis .


The main significance of Janmashtami celebration is to encourage good will and discourage bad will. As krishna and Radha’s love story is an epic it also represent togetherness. Krishna Janmashtami is a festival of unity and faith. Devotees will sing bhajan and chant hymn ” Hare Rama hare krishna “. This chant is so powerful that you will forget all your sorrows. More over it will fill your life with joy .

What we learned from this ?

Lord Krishna also know for his joyful mood in difficult situation. Also he always kept smiling. Even on his death bed he was smiling after getting hurt on his toe. above all he was happy in so much pain as pain is his part of life . Even he left his body smiling. He had shown us how to live a life happily forgetting all sorrows. This festival is also known as festival of happiness .

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wish you all a Happy Krishna Janmashtami

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