Truths and myths about working women

Todays life is different from ancient times and early life . For billions of years of human growth and civilization people are learning new things. New things makes the old things a myth . Even people think that that old thing does not exist. As time is moving fast old things decaying fast and people forget their existence . Here we are going to see truths and myths about working women. Before going further, first we need to see figures of working women status and percentage .

Percentage of working women in different countries

Country working women % year 2019

  1. China 61
  2. India 21
  3. US 57
  4. Brazil 55
  5. Japan 54
  6. Russia 55
  7. Nigeria 49
  8. Germany 70
  9. UK 58
  10. Mexico 46
  11. France 51
  12. Indonesia 54
  13. Vietnam 73
  14. Turkey 34
  15. Philippines 47
  16. South Korea 57
  17. Italy 41
  18. Iran 18
  19. Spain 52
  20. Pakistan 22

The percentage of women working in India is very low and there is very low awareness about how women can work from home. Most rural area women are not working and they are below the poverty line. Furthermore some girls want to study but parents don’t send them to school. Also some girls want to work but family won’t allow for it .

Some Factors responsible decrease in rate of working women are

  1. Most women in India are home managers and they don’t get pay for managing the home. Thus there is no income even if women are working for more time as compared to men.
  2. Women stops working after their children start . Therefore there is no additional income . They will say , now children will work and mothers should rest . But if they continue to work, and they are healthy then their income will increase. Also it will increase the family income. As a result expenditure will be less.
  3. Majority of Indian women got primary education. So there is less chance for them to get a good job. Therefore they work as hard labourers where construction of infrastructure is going on . But it is very tiring job.
  4. In the agriculture sector women are replaced by machinery. Moreover in textile industry machine had replaced the handloom business that was done by women.
  5. Travelling long distances and night shifts is also a hindrance for women safety . So they does not prefer to work even if they are more educated than men.
  6. Women are paid less as compared to men and if they ask for a hike they are fired . Also they loos their job even if women have more talent and they are more capable. The result is such that some women gets demotivated and can’t trust society anymore.

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Myths and truths about working women

What is truth and what is myth that is decided by people. And everything depends upon the people’s interest.

Myths about women, why they should not work ?

  1. Women should not work because they won’t be able to give sufficient time to their children and family.
  2. Widow women should not work instead should remarry and lead a good life with a husband.
  3. Women can sometimes fall in trap in the name of a job which may ruin their life so they should not work.
  4. If a man is tired after doing work for 8-12 hours. He cannot help women in household work. Instead, women should remain at home and should help her husband to get relief from tension and stress.
  5. If a woman is working then there will be a communication gap between their family and herself. Since women’s energy level is low they can not do household work after doing 8-12 hour of job.
  6. Working women will be prone to stress and tension which may lead to family dispute and misunderstanding which may end up their relationship or may get divorced.
  7. If women are dedicating her 100 % concentration on job then she won’t be able to please her family with cooking , take care of the baby and children may feel abandoned in the absence of their parents if both are working.
  8. Very common myth which starts with the proverb ,” In every successful man’s life there is contribution from women.” If women will also run after the race of competitions of being successful then there won’t be any successful men .

Truths about women, why should they work ?

  1. Women should work to become self independent and self sufficient. Working women always maintain their lifestyle , makeup, hairstyle and their body which makes them attractive and they won’t look shabby.
  2. A widow women should work to earn wages to lead a good livelihood.
  3. Every man and woman should be treated equally. Also women share their income in the family to maintain a good lifestyle.
  4. Women should not be forced to do all the household work. Instead man can also share the household work to maintain a good relationship.
  5. If a man is doing a job with a low salary, women should work to help her husband.
  6. If a woman is single she should work definitely because at some point of time she may require a lump sum of money to sustain in this society.
  7. A creative woman with many talents is better than an uncappable man. Her qualities can be used in a better way if she is working in her interested field. For example fields like scientist, astronaut, doctor, researcher, auditor, engineer etc. When children are at school for 6-7 hours , then this 6-7 hours will be enough for women to work. Also they won’t be abandoned.
  8. If a woman is not interested in doing household work that doesn’t mean she is not good it. Rather she prefers to work in the field she feels interesting. And also working in their she won’t be forced to do all the household work . In addition nobody will force her to make all sacrifices all alone.

What we learnt from this

Men and women are equal. Everybody should be given equal opportunities whether it’s a boy or girl. We have to choose truths and myths about working women and then act upon it . At last we should not believe in any myth blindly because it can be a trap with lies.

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