Is mask better for protection from Covid19 ?

Is mask better for protection from Covid19 ?

Yes mask are better for protection from Covid19 . But we have to keep theses point in mind .

Points to remember

  1. Don’t put on a use and throw mask. Naturally if you are Covid positive then the used mask can spread the infection on getting in contact with another person.
  2. In addition use a reusable mask to reduce spreading pollution .
  3. Don’t use N95 mask. If you are Covid positive then through the valve virus can transmit to another person.
  4. Use a washable Cotton mask so that whenever you sneeze the droplets will not transmit to another person.
  5. Never bring down the mask from nose to neck when you want to eat or drink something. Always remove the mask instead of letting it on your neck. It may bring the virus from your mask to neck.

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How long Covid-19 virus stays on surface ?

Exactly it is not certain how long the virus survives on the surface or air because it varies from 2 hours to 9-11 days depending on the factors like

  1. Type of surface
  2. Temperature
  3. Relative humidity
  4. Strain of the virus

As new study shows virus on the surface is now a major transmission source of Covid -19. Also in community transmission as we don’t know the source of origin. For example, a Covid positive person touches any object like doorknobs , table , chair, phone , computer, any packaged food item that has the virus on it. And then he touches his own mouth , nose or eyes which leads to transmission of covid19 virus.

Which age person will get infected more from Covid- 19 virus ?

Well the truth is people of all ages can be infected by the new Covid-19 virus. But the vulnerable people who can catch covid-19 easily are older people , people with medical conditions like obesity, asthma, diabetes, heart disease and small children . So here also mask are better for protection from Covid19

Can we smoke or drink alcohol ?

Well smoking is injurious to health. We are aware that in Covid pandemic smoking causes colds, influenza, pneumonia and tuberculosis. Therefore in this situation of Covid-19 pandemic it will only increase the infections severely.

There is a common myth among people that alcohol will destroy the virus. But the reality is just opposite to that. A new research shows that alcohol increases the chances of becoming infected with the virus . Because it works as an disinfectant on your skin but it doesn’t have any such effect on your system when we consume it.

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