How festivals of colors Holi motivates us

How festivals of colors Holi motivates us

As Holi is a festival of colors that marks the arrival of spring when flowers blossom . Lets find out How festivals of colors Holi motivates us.

Our life should also blossom like different colors of flowers. Moreover celebration of this festival goes for two days 2 days as a mark of fertility, colorful life and love. Of course the first day is holika dahan and the 2nd day is Rangawali (Dol) . In particular Holika dhayan took place in satya yuga which marks the victory over evil . Consequently Rangwali holi took place in Dwaparyug by lord krishna and Radha. At the age of 8 when he was kid he use to play Holi with his friends. However Radha chose to be the partner with little Krishna.

Science behind celebration of Holi

To know more How festivals of colors Holi motivates us lets see the science behind it. More importantly we sometimes follow the traditions without knowing he science behind it . Here are some of it

  1. As the bonfire of holika dahan removes all the bacteria from the body. And it is possible due to the presence of cow dung which prevents our body from getting infected. As we know cowdung prevents bacteria .
  2. India has been rich in farmers and cow gazers since ancient times and land is like gold for them . It is the most respectable job as farmers give us food without it everybody will die . Earlier there was no holiday for farmers. Even they didn’t have time for their loved ones. So this colorful festival removes laziness , tiredness .
  3. The fun movement during Holi festivals rejuvenates the body , while getting rid of laziness. As a result people become more happier.
  4. Earlier People used to prepare Holi with natural colors. Not the modern one which is made up of artificial colors which has side effects on our skin. Some natural ingredients to prepare these colors are turmeric for yellow color, leaves for green color, rose petals for red colors , blue color with Indigo plants and many more .
  5. These natural ingredients help us to fight the diseases like measles, chicken pox, viral fever and cold. These diseases are caused when there is sudden weather change . In fact the colors penetrate our skin, strengthen our immune system and help us to ward off diseases.

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History of Holika

In Satya Yuga, Hiranyakashipu and Hiranyaksha – together called the Hiranyas. They were born to Diti (daughter of Daksha Prajapathi) and the sage Kashyapa. It is said that asuras were born to them as a result of their union at the time of dusk. Since it is an inauspicious time for such a deed.

Prahlad was the son of Hiranyakashipu and kayadu. Prahlad’s son is Virochana and his son is King Bali (King Bali with Asur sena took part in Samudra manthan with Indra and dev gana). Prahlad worshipped Lord Vishnu but his father opposed it and said he had to worship him only. His sister Holika got lessing from god that she would not burn in fire. So she took Prahlad in her lap and sit on the pit of fire. Without doubt she was committing crime. As she was trying to hurt a little boy y killing him.

But god’s fate was different. Instead she herself was burned to death in that fire as a punishment. Meanwhile Lord Vishnu was able to save the life of Prahlad.

History of Rangwali or Dol purnima

Dol purnima is celebrated as a mark of love of krishna and radha (in treta yug) . Lord Krishna at age of 12 played holi with radha bringing joy , happiness , and extreme love for your partners, family and friends. Lord krishna beautifully taught us the importance of our life. Our lives should be as colorful as these holi colors.

On this day all the belivers will march out for dol yatra with idols of Radha and Krishna. Lath mar holi is celebrated in vrindavan where elder women will beat their devar(younger brother in law) with lathi.

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