Abhilasha's collection

Here I present you a collection of traditional , casual and modern collection of dress and sari. Also in Abhilasha’s collection you will get value for your price.

Above all a wide range of readymade garments. Also it is a preferred place to find clothing for any occasion without burning a hole in the pockets. With a vivid collection of clothing available the shop gives you the freedom to find apparels that you feel comfortable in.

What you get from here ?

This collection Inspires Interest in your company
In addition it shares your corporate culture.
Further more it gives loyal customers a way to share.
Additionally it keeps your employees looking uniform.
Specially it makes a great giveaway.

In fact I feel very lucky that I have so many choices today to wear. Therefore the variety and scope of types of clothes available to us are astounding.

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Choose by quality of material and type of material

The content of fiber and how the material is produced makes a tremendous variation in spot removal and it also defines how a garment should be washed.

  1. Cotton fabric
  2. Silk fabric
  3. Linen fabric
  4. Wool fabric
  5. Leather material
  6. Georgette fabric
  7. Chiffon fabric
  8. Nylon fabric
  9. Polyester fabric
  10. Velvet fabric
  11. Denim fabric
  12. Rayon fabric
  13. Viscose fabric
  14. Satin fabric
  15. Crepe fabric
  16. Lycra fabric
  17. Lace fabric

Here in Abhilasha’s collection you can contact me

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